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This Solution is a hardware module.
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ZigBee solution which enables equipment to communicate with the Internet.

About this Solution:

What is Zigbee?

The word Zigbee comes from the ZigZag dance used by bees to communicate the location of pollen amongst each other.

In the same way, Zigbee enables low cost, low power, wireless control that simply works.

Zigbee Bandwidth

3 Bandwidth, 27 channels, 3 data rate of transmission:

  • ISM 2.45 GHz -16 channels, rate of transmission 250 kbps
  • ISM 915 MHz -10 channels, rate of transmission 40 kbps
  • ISM 868 MHz - 1 channel, rate of transmission 20 kbps

Topology Type

Topology Type: Star, Cluster tree, Mesh

  • 1 Zigbee sub network contains 255 nodes, 1 Zigbee network support over 65,000 nodes.
  • Support 16 bit and 64 bit for addressing
  • Low Power Consumption - Low rate of transmission and sleeping mode

Zigbee Advantage

  • Zigbee - Lowest cost, lowest power consumption and max nodes of internet and
  • Zigbee System is suitable for transmission of text and graphics

Zigbee Protocol Structure

ZigBee wireless communication protocol base on IEEE802.15.4

Zigbee Application

Zigbee technology is based on embedding a ZigBee module into all kinds of products to enable control and monitoring.

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