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This program offers FREE consulting to assist you in hardware solution selection - including module & component consulting - for your IoT Project.

About this Solution:

About this Solution:

Are you looking for a verified module designed for a specific application to shorten the development schedule of your awesome product concept?

Unsure of the specific components you need to build your hardware product?

WPI is your partner.

WPI has launched Program Gem specifically catered to Creators who are building new hardware innovations. Program Gem is an exclusive offer for HWTrek Creators in which you get a 1-hour FREE consulting session with WPI’s top class engineers advising you on sourcing cost-effective modules or components for your hardware Project.

Whether you know which components you are looking for, or you need professional feedback and advice on components, or you need a complete service to source modules, WPI can help.

What You Get

  • 1 hour free consultation session from WPI engineers on total solution/modules/components for your design, from concept to the RFQ stage.
  • An opportunity to get competitive component pricing.

If you're building an IoT device for the consumer market then you're eligible to tap into Program Gem to precisely select the modules/components you need.

Before You Apply

  • A completed Project including information regarding functions, features, key components, and current status.
  • Prepare a block diagram and BOM list.

How You Apply

  1. Create a Project on HWTrek to share enough information to WPI
  2. Click the Apply button to kick off the application process.
  3. Select your Project and write a message letting WPI know what you specifically seek from Program Gem.
  4. Once you're done, click Send. We'll let you know about the result within 5 working days.

What Happens Next

  1. Review - The WPI team together with the HWTrek team will analyze the materials you’ve provided, and give preliminary feedback online within 5 working days.
  2. Discussion - After receiving the preliminary feedback or further inquiries from WPI, you should be prepared for a few rounds of discussions to identify the issues and consulting scope. Make sure to have completed your Project info, as well as block diagram and BOM list, to facilitate the discussion with WPI.
  3. Consultation - WPI will arrange appropriate engineers to offer a 1 hour consulting session by video, documents, or voice calls.
  4. Extra perk - You may receive discounts on your requested components if WPI have them in stock.

Important Remarks

  • The consulting process and materials are protected by NDAs.
  • A consulting session that last longer than 1 hour is subjected to hourly charging fees.
  • Both WPI and you have the right to withdraw from the Program with a 10 days notice.
  • Feedback time and assigned engineers will be subject to change depending on issues discussed and the complexity of received inquiries.
  • The opinions and suggestions offered during the course of Program Gem hold no obligations or warranties.

Who Is WPI

WPI, a member of WPG Holdings who ranks as Asia No. 1, Global No. 1 Distributor, has been a leading supply chain partner since 1980. With 30 offices and 1,600 employees in the Greater China and Asia Pacific regions, WPI operates a wide network of manufacturers and suppliers in Asia.

By partnering with WPI, you get access to over 250 global brands offering a variety of components that suit all your hardware needs. And, you can get components with our one-stop shopping platform.


We provide a customized service based on your component needs, which can be broken down into three levels.


WPI enables you to quickly find suitable and cost-effective components and modules for your hardware Project.

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