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World's First Svelte High Resolution Smart Watch

by from LeeTe Technology(Shenzhen) Co.,Ltd

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Outstanding Desigh with High Level Quality. High Resolution: 256*320(best in smart watch). Svelte Screen Design: 16:9, only one in the market

About this Solution:

Except all the features L10 have(Radian screen design, unique transparent cover, Untra accurate heart rate monitor, professional waterproof)

We have another amazing break through on L11 :

1. High screen resolution 256*320, to make L11 the best smart watch

2. First svelte design, slim proportion is 16:9, svelte and fashion design




Certifications Acquired:

Potential Applications:

Detail explanation on Main Features
1. Anti-lost
Enter into the Find My Device,click START, phone will make a voice help you find it
When your phone is 6m or longer away from your watch, L10 will have an alarm
2. Remote Capture
Take photo from watch by this function
3. Phone book
Click on this function and view all contact list (about 500 contacts) ,search for any contact quickly and call him/her
4. Support both iOS and Android
Android 4.4 version or higher, iOS 8.0 version or higher
5. Message Sync
L10 can sync all the messages like: QQ, WeChat, Skype, Gmail,Facebook,Twitter etc
6. Pedometer
Normal arm swing will start step counting during walking, the first ten steps will be estimated as one step, which detects whether you are walking or not
7. Sleep monitoring
Enter the sleep monitoring menu, click “Start”and then wear it in hand and go to bed, user sleep quality can be monitored according to vibration amplitude of the watch and duration of sleep, and a historical record about sleep duration and quality will be generated automatically in the morning every day, up to twenty historical records can be generated.
8. Heart rate & ECG
1.Please make sure to wear the watch suitably before measuring heart rate and the watch should be glued to the skin closely.
2.Click Start to measure the heart rate.(please don’t move your arm)
3.A historical record will be generated for each data measurement automatically, up to 20 historical records can be generated.
9. Professional Waterproof
IP65, can be soaked in water more than 1hour

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Shenzhen Leete Technology Co., Ltd. was established in December 2014 ,with a 10 years outstanding industrial design group and 8 years experience in hardware and software of mobile phone and digital ...
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