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WIF AP and Power Bank with Batch APP installation

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It is a App installing device can help you install batch apps more fast and easy,it is also a portable WIFI and power bank.

About this Solution:

Multi app installer device with WIFI and power bank

What is flashbot WIUSB?

Flashbot WIUSB allows your android or iOS devices to connect to the internet and install apps that are stored in a TF card instantly and wireless.At the same it can charge your mobile phone through the USB when it connect to flashbot WIUSB by USB cable.

It is a three-in-one device:
1. A app installer;
2. A portable WIFI;
3. A 6000mAh power bank.


1. Install or uninstall APPs on Android/iOS terminals;
2. Two kinds of resource management modes: local mode and network mode. Source files can be saved in TF card, as well in back-end server;
3. Support APPs installation and un-installation online (Android and iOS terminals/devices get connected to Flashbot via USB cable.);
4. Support Wi-Fi installation to install APPs for Android and iOS terminals;
5. Support 4G/3G broadband card (from China Telecom/Mobile/Unicom), can be used as a portable Wi-Fi hot spot as soon as inserted, need not to set;
6. Support converting cable network into Wi-Fi;
7. With built-in 6000mAh battery, can be used as a power bank.

How to use flashbot WIUSB?

A.The procedure of APPs installation with USB cable:

1. Press the power button to start the device;
2. Use Flashbot configuration tools to import APPs and installation rules;
3. Connect to mobile for auto-installation.

B.The procedure of APPs installation via WiFi:

1. Switch mobile on as usual, switch Wi-Fi on;
2. Go to Wi-Fi settings, scan the corresponding Wi-Fi hot spot and connect it, no password needed;
3. After connection, APP download page will be popped up automatically. If it isn't, open any browser manually and enter any URL, then the download page will show up;
4. Click any APP then downloading starts. After download, for Android OS mobile, manual operations are needed while for iOS mobile not.

We are specialize in customized design and manufacturing, if you have any requirement about this, pls feel free to contact us.

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