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Whole Product Development - Hardware, Software, IoT

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Product development for connected devices and IoT. Our whole product process seamlessly unifies software development, hardware engineering, design.

About this Solution:

We offer a full range of services to help you accomplish your vision, including software development for devices and apps, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, industrial design, and UX.

Our product development projects for combined hardware and software products include Internet of Things (IoT) devices, consumer electronics, smart home, connected devices, and wearables. In addition, we develop software-only products including mobile and desktop apps, IoT and device software, cloud services, and SaaS. We also solve complex challenges in areas such as security and encryption, network architecture, industrial IoT, and big data.

We can also help you with lean product strategy, working with you to identify your target customers, understand your competitive landscape, refine your value proposition, and define your initial product/market fit.

With our lean product management services, we can help you define a minimum viable product (MVP), create a roadmap to build it, establish an agile development program, design metrics, and conduct user tests.

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  • All development stages
  • Alpha and Beta Testing
  • All project categories
  • Connected devices and IoT

Brought to you by Dan

CEO and Chief Product Officer at Accomplio
Product Development for Software, Hardware and IoT Our whole product process helps you create a complete product from the start by seamlessly unifying software development, hardware engineering, ...
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