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Vodafone Xone Connected Products

by from RPD International

This Solution offers an ODM/OEM/EMS service.
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The BikeXone light is both a high power bicycle headlight, and a sophisticated security and analytics device. It is controlled by a single multi-funti

About this Solution:

Through 2015, RPD has been working with the Vodafone innovation R&D teams to develop a new suite of connected products.

RPD has been working from early concept innovation, right through to production, alongside Vodafone’s software team. We have been developing hardware, electronics, firmware and user interaction studies for these devices.

The first suite of products is based on location, using GPS and GSM networks to locate devices. The BikeXone is the flagship product, a connected bike light to improve security for commuters. The device allows for secure tracking of a bike, with alarm systems for theft. Additionally to this, the device connects to a phone for tracking of various statistics and remote functionality control.

The device is launching in European markets, along with the accompanying Xone connected products, through 2016.

RPD worked with Vodafone’s internal innovation team to develop their product proposition, redeveloping their existing prototypes and helping them confirms their functional specification for the product. We then helped to develop several iterations of working prototypes, for internal testing.

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