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Virtual Reality Flight Cinema

by from ShenZhen Jingmin Digital Machine Co.,Ltd.

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One virtual reality flight cinema equal to a huge amusement theme park, amazing experience is the best investment project this year

About this Solution:

What is that?

It is a new technology, called VR amusement theme park equipment, also called fly cinema.One equipmentt equal to a huge amusement theme park, you can play which you want to play but afraid to play in the amusement park, stable and reliable, it can bring you a real experience, do you want to try? Lets Join!

For the investors, it is a best opportunity, more attractive, small location, more selected games, suit for both children and audit, low invest and high profit, what are you hesitate?

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Potential Applications:

Widly used in mall ,amusement park, game center, exhibition etc.

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