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Video Assistant Platform for Retail Customer service

by from MERA Software Services

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Video collaboration solution dedicated to revitalize retails and improve shopper’s experience. Could be an extension for VoIP networks or ERP systems.

About this Solution:

“Video Assistant for Retails” is a video collaboration solution dedicated to revitalize retails and improve shopper’s experience.

For the end user - shopper, this is:

  • A video kiosk in brick and mortar store where shopper can easily contact to one or more experts and get enough information about product or list of products he(she) wants to buy.
  • Collaboration includes video call with one or more experts, video, web pages and other content on the screen shared by experts, files exchange (purchase lists, map of the store and etc.), transferring of the active video call to shopper’s smartphone.
  • Shopper can use kiosk as price checker by scanning UPC/bar codes and get extended product card with photos, prices, related products and etc. (as if it was taken from online shop’s page)
  • Shopper can install branded application to his/her smartphone to get same functions as a kiosk has.

For retailer, this is:

  • Extension of his contact center solution
  • Simple UI for contact center agents
  • Way to improve service quality and grow sales

Promo Video

Functional Video

Other possible uses of the product

  • Any other industries where consumer-consultant communication is important
  • Integration to Web sites
  • Support of particular brand (kiosks of the particular brand in points of retail)
  • Video collaboration system inside of organization
  • “Contact Center”-free use: connect consumers directly to exact persons
  • Any other ideas

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  • Brainstorming an idea
  • Proof of concept
  • Working prototype
  • Industrial Applications
  • VoIP, Unified Communications

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