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Vegetable Greenhouse Control System

by from ShenZhen Jingmin Digital Machine Co.,Ltd.

This Solution offers an electronic engineering service.
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Vegetable greenhouse control system realized the automation and intelligent management of agricultural production,save cost and labor .

About this Solution:

As the world's first virtual reality theme park supplier, Shenzhen Jingmin Digital Machine Co.,Ltd. is a national high and new technology enterprise with independent R&D, technology innovation strength and focusing on industrial-grade intelligent control and virtual reality interactive areas for many years. We develop, manufacture and sell intelligent control board, control software, dynamic simulation electromechanical products and supply complete system solutions. We own comprehensive strength of technology innovation R&D, rapid product implementation and marketization ability.

Shenzhen Jingmin grasps core technology and lead the industry trend and unswervingly follow the business philosophy of “Pragmatic innovation, Continuous improvement, Sincere service, Co-create value”. JMDM 5D/7D dynamic cinema core control system won more than 80% market shares in China, created the first 8D VR racing and flight simulator in 2013, created the first 9D virtual tourism equipment and 9D VR theme park smart roadster in 2014. So far Shenzhen Jingmin owns complete, special and original, high cost-effective product line, VR theme park system operation solutions and professional service, and becomes a trustable, global leading brand of virtual interactive industry, our products apply in many countries worldwide.


Certifications Acquired:

Potential Applications:

1 Used for agriculture, real realized agricultural production automation, intelligent management, can achieve increase production, improve quality, save manpower, reduce human error, improve economic efficiency.

2 Used for the integration of the monitoring and control of water and fertilizer;

3 Used for the agriculture and forestry "Four Situation" monitoring;

4 Used for the agriculture and forestry pest monitoring and early warning;

5 Used for aquaculture management system;

6 Used for forest fire monitoring and early warning;

7 Used for public health online supervision;

8 Used for fun farm system

9 Used for mushroom cultivation intelligent management;

10 Used for agricultural monitoring and early warning cellar management;

11 Used for aquaculture breeding environment control and monitoring;

12 Used for breeding selection Agriculture Forestry precious plants;

13 Used for cultivation of home vegetable and herbs (such as Dendrobium);

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Shenzen Jingmin Digital Machine Co., Ltd is a high-tech company with independent R&D, advanced technological innovation strength, and with focus on industrial-grade intelligent control and ...
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