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US360 360°/10MP Multi-lens WiFi action camera

by from ULTRACKER Technology Co., Ltd.

This Solution offers an ODM/OEM/EMS service.
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10 megapixel panorama image. US360 is a whole new multi-lens 360°camera offers real-time full view image.

About this Solution:

10 megapixel panorama image

It is built-in with 4 Sony 2.4M CMOS sensors and 4 wide angle lenses that produces 6144 x 1760 resolution of panorama image in total, providing 360° full-view image in an extremely high resolution.


With Ultrackers exclusive image processing technology, US360 is the first panorama camera produces Full-HD live streaming at 30fps, which delivers the best quality of real-time full-view image smoothly


Advanced front-end image stitching

US360 combines image from 4 sets of sensor and lens that has higher resolution and better brightness than normal fisheye 360 degree products. Also, due to the Ultrackers exclusive front-end image processing, it gets lower aberration and distortion than other post-production multi-lens 360 degree products.




Certifications Acquired:

Potential Applications:

Compact designed action camera

Us360 is small and light(146g) that is easy to carry as an action camera. With the 1800mA battery it can work independently for more than 1 hour. It can also be easily combined with remote carriers to achieve remote 360° hotography. Also, it can be an idea event recorder for vehicles, which provides wider view angle than such products in the market, letting you to record any event with fewer blind spots.


360° easy monitoring

US360 is also a great setup-free home security solution. You can place it anywhere in the house and monitor there in 360°full view by Wi-Fi on your smart phone / tablet without any complex cabling and setup. The blind-spot -free monitoring is perfect for baby caring. Parents can move freely in the house without losing sight of the baby.


Recording function

With built-in Micro SD card slot, US360 can record JPEG panorama photo and H.264 / MPEG4 panorama video into a SD card. Video can be recorded at a resolution of 1080 at up to 30fps, or 10M at up to 6fps.

Wireless live view display

US360 offers high quality live image which can simply viewed by a smart phone or tablet through Wi-Fi connection, letting the user experience real-time panorama scene with ease. It can also be combined with VR devices to experience 360°full-view virtual reality


Various display mode

US360 supports various panorama display modes. The user can choose to view in Panorama /180° / Segment / Map / Circle / Front mode freely


Easy sharing by internet

The image format of US360 supports popular network communities such as Google photo sphere and Youtube 360° video. You can share your full-image experience to everyone in the world.

Time lapse function

US360 supports time-lapse mode for 2~60 second, letting the user to record 360°scenes over long time periods and display in fast speed.

Easy operation

With the built-in OLED screen and function buttons, US360 can be operated without difficulty. The user can also use mobile device to control it through Wi-Fi connection.


Interface and connection

US360 is built-in with 2 micro USB port for power charging and USB device connection. It can connect to mouse and keyboard for operation, and USB LAN or 3G/4G LTE dongle for network connection. It also has micro HDMI port and microphone to support video out and 2-way audio (mic. in, HDMI out).


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