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Ultra Heating Element /Fabric /Pad

by from WireKinetics Co., LTD.

This Solution offers an ODM/OEM/EMS service.
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Wirekinetics is dedicated in the MMC heating element, specially developed for textile processes such as weaving, knitting, sewing, etc

About this Solution:

Wirekinetics was founded in 2006, Taiwan. The company is addressing in the technologies in micro metal/alloy fiber and related textiles. The major market is in high performance thermal resistant textiles and smart textiles based on the intrinsic properties of the metal, thermal resistance and conductivity.

Wirekinetics Innovative Solution:

The Micro Metal Conductive(MMC) Fiber: The MMC fiber has a metal-polymer composite structure. The composite structure provides excellent toughness and compatibility with electrical processes.

Advantages of MMC Fiber:

  • The MMC fiber can be welded directly with cable or PCB, and don’t need any extra welding and safety solution.
  • The composite structure design of the MMC fiber can provide DC and AC power heating applications through different combinations of metal and polymer. For example, the MMC fiber
  • Uses high performance polymer such as PBO as the core, then the MMC fiber can be heated to 500℃. That is, the MMC fiber can be used in industrial heating.
  • The layout can be proceeded by automatic textile machines such as weaving, knitting etc. because of the excellent toughness of the MMC fiber. Our capacity of the heating fabric woven by the MMC fiber is huge, approximately 350,000 meters per month. In addition, the pitch of the layout can be very tight. The minimum of the pitch can go to 2 mm. The heating density will be very high. That is, the heating rate will be very fast, and the energy consuming will be very low.
  • The layout of the MMC fiber is a heating fabric. Thus, the layout is very light and flexible, but tough. It can resist complicated stresses.
  • The MMC fiber and the heating fabric are invented and made in Taiwan. The quality is ensured.

The features of the heating fabric:

  1. excellent conductivity which is very good for low voltage (3~ 24 Volt) DC heating design
  2. can be directly welded with general power/signal cable
  3. extreme flexible, totally a fabric
  4. Ultra thin ( about 0.7 mm thick) and light


Wearable Heating:

According to our design philosophy, the lower the applied voltage is, the safer the wearable heating product is. Thus, Wirekinetic insists to use a 3.7~7.5 Volt battery power to generate near body heat. This will be very safe to our users. The temperature can go to 45~60 ℃, even though the applied power is such low.

The MMC fiber heating fabric is really a simple, safe, energy saving, and excellent thermal performance product. It prrovides a new concept for wearable heating.

For different users' considerations and designs, Wirekinetics offers you plain Ultra Heating Fabric and insulated Ultra Heating Pad.

  • Ultra Heating Pad:




  • Ultra Heating Fabric


Industrial Heating:

The Ultra Heating Fabric can be connected with general AC to DC adapter for industrial users or higher temperature required users.

Certifications Acquired:

Potential Applications:

  • Wearable applications
  • Industrial Heating

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Brought to you by C.J.

General Manager at WireKinetics Co., LTD.
About Wirekinetics:A Smart and Performance Textiles Manufacturer Wirekinetics was founded in 2006, Taiwan. The company is addressing in the technologies in micro metal/alloy fiber and related ...
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