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Total Solution For Image Sensor Module

by from H.P.B. Optoelectronic Co., LTD.

This Solution offers an ODM/OEM/EMS service.
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H.P.B. is the focus on provide the total solution of camera module from lens,Electron to Assembly

About this Solution:


Manufacturing capacity - Optical


HPB OPTOELECTRONICS has a complete plastic lenses, glass lenses produce production ...

Manufacturing capacity - Electron


We have accumulated more than 20 years of professional experiences. Based on corporate management criterion: innovation, quick response, dedication, excellence and moral; we aim to achieve QRDC four major indexes (quality, cost, delivery and service) and construct a solid and complete production system for customers

Automatic Manufacturing


HPB OPTOELECTRONICS develops the Automatic Manufacturing Technology as lens auto-assembly and camera ...

Vertical integration capabilities

H.P.B. provides customers with a one-stop shopping of a full range service of R&D, design, manufacturing. Over the past few years, we have devoted on the capabilities of vertical integration of imaging products, including the design and manufacturing of optical components, design of precise mechanism, injection molding, design and verification of electronic circuit, soft/hardware integration verification, product assembly and reliability test. All the above capabilities can be completed at our factory site.


Optical R&D, design and manufacturing

H.P.B. integrates the talents and capabilities of optical system design and mechanical design. Through the application utilization of software such as CAD and CAE, HPB provides customers with precise and quality ODM service.

Solution of distortion aberration


Distortion aberration has always been a concern among wide angle lenses. H.P.B. accumulated years of optical system design and application experiences. We developed wide angle lenses though the optical compensation and thus greatly decreased this distortion concern.

Consistent processes from optical design to MP


With ERP system implementation and operation, H.P.B. practices the consistent processes from optical design to MP. This greatly shortens the time needed from project kick-off to MP.

Waterproof design series


H.P.B. implements waterproof design on related optical products so as to conform with the demands of security surveillance and vehicle imaging environment.

Automated molding manufacturing


To enable the stabilization of lens production, upgrade lens production quality and reduce manmade negligence during production, H.P.B. builds clean environment and imports automatic and semi-automatic lens-cutting production line.

Consistent production process


To meet customer demands, H.P.B. established its own consistent production process equipment, including molding machine, sputter machine, high-precision spherical and aspheric processing machines, automatic core-fixing equipment, CNC glass cutting equipment, multilayer coating machine, plastic injection molding machines and so on. In the coming years, we will also complete under Class 10000 clean assembly room devices. Based on the highest degree of automation equipment, H.P.B. is able to offer reasonably-priced and quality service and products.

Ultra-precision processing

H.P.B. has ultra-precision processing machining, used for spherical molding glass processing. In addition, H.P.B. has excellent anti-vibration processing environment. H.P.B. also developed our own modifying software, which can control molding glass spherical surface error within 0.1μm




Image Module


Automotive Image Module


About H.P.B. Optoelectronic

The company, H.P.B. co., Ltd, was the first professional microscope manufacturer in Taiwan which was original established in 1985 under supervise of Dr. Chih—Junng Hsu, a vice-professor of Institute of Electro-optical Engineering, National university of Chiao Tung. In 2001, the company reformed as H.P.B Optoelectronics Co. Ltd as a professional designer and manufacturer of optical components and electronic imaging productions.。

H.P.B. is located in Central Taiwan Science Park. Currently, there are two factories, one is in Taiwan the other is in China, with a branch office in Japan. Factory in China manufacture optical components, Plant in Taiwan is for designing and manufacture of electronic imaging products, the branch office in Japan responsible promoting H.P.B.’s own brand products in the local market.

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  • Proof of concept
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  • Enhancing industrial design
  • Improving electronic board
  • Design for manufacturability
  • Industrial Applications
  • Audio & Video Devices
  • Smart Home Devices
  • Auto Applications

Brought to you by Hugo

Director at H.P.B. Optoelectronic Co., LTD.
About H.P.B. OptoelectronicThe company, H.P.B. co., Ltd, was the first professional microscope manufacturer in Taiwan which was original established in 1985 under supervise of Dr. Chih—Junng ...
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