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Total solution for Intelligence and Smart Home

by from Shenzhen RICISUNG Technology co.,Ltd.

This Solution offers an ODM/OEM/EMS service.
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RICI smart home product kit include smart center controller, smart switch, smart socket, home security series, environment detecting series and so on.

About this Solution:

RICI (also Ricisung) is a system solution provider and the worldwide leading manufacturer for smart home, smart community, smart city and product of internet of things.

All below products can be controlled by center controller through ZIGBEE protocol. And all device can be linked to each other, for instance, if people motion is detected by smart motion sensor, the lights or security alarm could be turned on automatically; if the result of air quality that detected by our smart air detector is not so satisfied, fresh air system will be motivated, fan start to run to change new air.




  • Smart switch: smart all-in-one aluminum alloy push switch


  • Bulb:RGB Adjustable Colorful Light Bulb (R233)



  1. Adjust the brightness in accordance with your mood.
  2. Choose any color freely
  3. E27 lamp base, easy installation.
  4. Select your preferred scene.
  • Regulating switch:Smart Knob Switch (R115)



  1. Aluminum alloy panel with anodizing technology, all-metal and ultra thin design
  2. Micro-porous light guiding technology
  3. Sensitive even for micro-angle change
  4. Integrated control for lighting, music and fan speed
  5. Unique dazzling light tracking technology.
  • Color dimming controller


  1. Adopt IML processing for front and rear panel to perfectly fit together.
  2. metal frame matchs all-in-one RGB colorful aperture
  • Roplug (C355)



  1. Making analysis of consumption data according to consumption reports, forming daily report, monthly reports and yearly reports.
  2. Making an independent analysis of consumption according to different devices, and finding the biggest consumer
  3. Electricity expense is calculated automatically.
  4. safty socket
  5. business socket

  • Safty socket
  • Business socket


  • Door sensor: Smart Magnetic Door Sensor (Y323)



  1. All-in-one aluminum alloy and anodizing technology, all-metal design.
  2. Double-faced magnetic installation, easy and quick.
  3. Build-in highly sensitive motion sensor with wider and further detection range.
  4. It can work with other RICI gang devices to provide users with better experience
  • Smart camball
  • Smart camera (desktop)


  • Movement detector


  • Curtain Motor Controller (R225)



  1. Support motor control of famous brands such as DOOYA and Maple Wind
  2. Precise control by bidirectional feedback
  3. Apply to various occasions with different kinds of curtains such as opening and closing curtain, roller shutters, venetian blind and etc.
  • Horizontal blind
  • Roller blind
  • Venetian blind
  • Roman blind
  • Shangri-la blind


  • Smart Air Detector (R123): The light ring of the smart air detector will change to different colors according to the quality of the air.



  1. All-in-one aluminum alloy and anodizing technology, all-metal design
  2. Build-in highly precise sensor, which can detects VOC gas.
  3. Dazzling light ring shows the air quality
  4. Auto buzzer reminder when the air quality is below the standard.
  5. Double-faced magnetic installation, easy and quick.
  6. It can work with the gang fresh air controller to improve the air quality together
  • Fresh Air Controller (C310-PS):mainly match with smart air detector. When the air is contaminated, it may be possible to ventilate automatically by ventilation fan. Besides, it can control speed of ventilation fan according to contamination level.



  1. RF: 2.4G
  2. Frequency modulation technology: ZIGBEE
  3. Rated voltage: AC 90-245V
  4. Rated frequency: 50/60Hz
  5. Max power: 220W
  6. Standby power: <=3mA
  7. Wires connection: N&L Wires
  8. Work temperature: -20~60℃
  • Temperature and humidity
  • Danaus
  • Smart doorbell
  • Air ball

Home Theater-

  • Desktop control terminal
  • Wifi sound box
  • Smart display

Control System

  • Home server
  • Smart display
  • Doorbell display
  • Wireless dorrbell

Certifications Acquired:

Potential Applications:

  • Full Home appliances
  • Home Security
  • Home Entertainment

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  • Audio & Video Devices
  • Smart Home Devices

Brought to you by Ellen

Sales Manager at Shenzhen RICISUNG Technology co.,Ltd.
ABOUT Shenzhen Ricisung Technology:Shenzhen Ricisung Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Kexing Science Park, Nanshan district,Shenzhen, known as the Chinese Silicon Valley. RICI (also Ricisung) is a ...
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