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TI Wireless Connectivity Solutions

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Today with more users, things and cloud services connecting to the Internet, the role of wireless connectivity is becoming increasingly important.

About this Solution:

At Texas Instruments (TI), we are committed to delivering a broad portfolio
of wireless connectivity solutions which consume the lowest power and are the easiest to use. With TI innovation supporting your designs, you can share, monitor and manage data wirelessly for applications in wearables, home and building automation, manufacturing, smart cities, healthcare and automotive.

Learn how you can be a part of the Internet of Things (IoT) as TI helps you connect more.


With products and support for more than 14 technologies, standards and protocols you have the industry’s broadest wire- less connectivity portfolio to meet a variety of network sizes and topologies. Each solution is developed to help you add connectivity to any application through a range of wireless MCUs, wireless network processors and smart RF transceivers.




Our solutions include :

  • Bluetooth Smart
    • SimpleLink CC2640 wireless MCU
    • CC2540T (up to 125°C)
    • CC2540 (USB interface)
    • CC2541 (I2C interface)
  • Classic and dual-mode Bluetooth
    • CC2564 dual-mode Bluetooth
    • CC2560 classic Bluetooth
    • LMX9838 classic Bluetooth 2.0 plug and play module

Learn more at:


Our solutions include :

  • WiLink 8 Wi-Fi + dual-mode Bluetooth: High-performance combo connectivity for processors
  • SimpleLink Wi-Fi: CC3200 wireless MCU and CC3100 wireless network processor (QFN and certified modules)

Learn more at:


Our solutions include :

  • SimpleLink CC1310 wireless MCU
  • CC12xx RF transceivers (longest range)
  • CC112x transceivers

Learn more at:


Our solutions include :

  • SimpleLink CC2630 wireless MCU
  • CC2538 wireless MCU

Learn more at:


Our solutions include :

  • SimpleLink CC2630 wireless MCU
  • CC2530 wireless MCU
  • CC2538 wireless MCU

Learn more at:


Our solutions include :

  • RF430FRL15xH sensor tags
  • RF430CL330H dynamic tags
  • Tag-itTM HF-I static tags
  • TRF7970A transceivers
  • TRF796xA reader/writer transceivers

Learn more at:


When we introduced the SimpleLinkTM ultra-low power wireless MCU platform, TI set a new industry power consumption benchmark for Bluetooth® Smart, Sub-1 GHz, ZigBee®, 6LoWPAN and ZigBee RF4CETM wireless MCUs. The SimpleLink Wi-Fi® Internet-on-a-chipTM platform also delivers a low-power wireless MCU for battery-operated products and systems.

Additionally, TI offers SimpleLink wireless network processors and smart RF transceivers as well as combo connectivity solutions through the WiLinkTM platform, allowing customers to add low-power connectivity to wearables, portable electronics, home/building automation applications, industrial and embedded automotive designs. For more information about TI’s low- power wireless connectivity offerings visit:


The IoT is pushing the boundaries of power consumption requirements for product and system designs. Energy harvest- ing, always-on coin cell or AA battery-operated sensor products can now operate optimally for several years and offer efficient processing.

Overall power consumption and battery life are very important in many applications. TI wireless connectivity solutions are created and optimized with battery life in mind, making sure that solution performance can be achieved.

Average power consumption is key:

  • How quickly functions can execute so the system can go back to sleep – using more processing power can give a better system performance: TI has the lowest power wireless micro-controller with 61 μA/ MHz.
  • Low power in sleep and hibernate modes and low Tx and Rx power consumption.
  • Have system where sensor data can be detected in lowest power modes: TI has a unique sensor controller allowing the MCU to sleep while collecting sensor information while the main CPU can be continuously turned off.
  • Including built in DC–DC for system power efficiency.
  • Power efficiency of system – low-power modes and key use cases – See ULPBenchTM.

Our wireless connectivity portfolio is IoT-ready and enables easy-to-implement and robust wireless systems with unprecedented battery life through development of the lowest power wireless solutions in the industry.

Power Management Resources :

  • SimpleLink Wi-Fi CC3100/CC3200 Internet-on-a-chip Sub-system Power Management
  • SimpleLink Wi-Fi CC3100/CC3200 WLAN RF Transmit Power Peak and Average Measurements
  • Taking power to a new low with the SimpleLink ULP wireless MCU platform


Embedded design and development is made easier through easy-to-use products and key information being ready online at any time: certified modules, low-cost tools, complete development kits, software platforms and technical documentation. For accelerated ramp to market, use the TI Designs library of reference designs, sample code and applications, online training, and TI E2ETM Community support. Cloud services that pair with TI solutions are available through the TI IoT cloud ecosystem. Additionally, customers can leverage proven design services and ecosystem support for embedded wireless connectivity solutions through members of the TI Design Network.





More designs are available at


With the potential of having billions of devices connected to the cloud in the next decade, the Internet of Things (IoT) will be part of every aspect of our lives. TI is the only semiconductor company with all of the building blocks to enable the IoT. This includes wireless connectivity solutions as well as MCUs, processors, sensing technologies, power management and analog signal chain solutions to help customers develop an optimized IoT system. These solutions support application spanning sensor nodes, gateways and cloud service partners.


From building and home automation to wearables, the IoT touches every facet of our lives. Simplify the process of connect- ing to the cloud when you use integrated solutions beginning with hardware and software plus get the support to connect anything. With the industry’s broadest portfolio of analog signal chain, power management, sensing, micro-controllers, processors and wireless connectivity solutions, TI can support your IoT design with innovative, low-power and easy-to-use solutions.


Manufacturers need proven hardware, software and an easy way to connect to the cloud to manage services and capitalize on the growing IoT market. In order to provide a vetted solution, TI established an ecosystem of cloud providers who support our connected devices and allow engineers to quickly and easily connect to the cloud. Today, there are 18 announced cloud providers in our IoT ecosystem including IBM, PTC (formerly Axeda), Exosite, Arrayent and Xively with more being added regularly.

Each member of the ecosystem has demonstrated its cloud service offering on one or more of TI’s wireless connectivity, MCU and processor solutions. Visit to learn more about the IoT cloud ecosystem members and their offerings as well as the variety of tools and support TI offers.

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