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This Solution offers a mechanical engineering service.
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Sky Prototype and Tooling provides CNC machining,SLA, SLS rapid prototyping, silicone molding/ vaccum casting, sheet metal bending,injection molding

About this Solution:

SKY Prototyping and tooling has a good production process system, we have individual technical division to handle different process. And inspect all works before pass to next technical division to make sure all process are in good and qualified condition.

Our service includes: CNC machining(3 axles / 4 axles / 5 axles), SLA, SLS rapid prototyping, silicone molding / vacuum casting, sheet metal bending,injection molding, lathing, and many kinds of surface finishing such as painting,polishing, sandblasting, silkscreen, anodizing, electro-plating and so on.


CNC Milling-

CNC machines are our main business of prototyping. We have over 30 units of high precision CNC machines in different working platform size. Processing precision has reached advanced level of the word.

We offer different kinds of plastic and metal material and we will create special fixture for complicated geometry parts if necessary. 3-axle, 4-axle and 5 axle are available in house.



Vacuum Casting-

Vacuum casting is in vacuum environment, which make a silicone mold out of the prototype, and casting with PU, mold out some copies. We have 3 units of Vacuum Casting machines in different size, the largest one is 2.5 meter long. All PU material we are using were imported material from France and Japan and silicon material was imported from US and Japan mainly. We offer a material list with details PU material specification for our clients for selection of material.

Vacuum casting is a good method to produce small batch plastic products from 10pcs to 100pcs.



Sheet Metal Prototyping-

We can offer sheet metal forming service, with creating a simple tooling for different shape of sheet metal parts. Offer post-process such as anodizing, powder coat and chrome plaint services and so on.

Sheet metal forming could produce different shape of thin sheet metal parts.


Lathe-mill Cutting-




Laser Rapid Prototyping-

We offer the SLA and SLS service with SOMOS material, we can output the RP parts in 2 days normally and providing good surface finishing. SLA and SLS are the economic way to finish complex parts in short time.


Injection Tooling-

We have advanced precision machining and testing equipment, including high-speed precision CNC machining equipment , wire walking, mirror spark machine, equipped with CAD / CAE / CAM design and manufacture of advanced systems, committed to the use of advanced technology , using high- precision machining equipment engaged in precision molds, precision injection molding, precision machining , the maximum for customers with a full range of quality services.

From mold making to injection tooling, the technology and experience of SKY can help you turn vision into tangible!


Certifications Acquired:

Potential Applications:

  • Auto transportation,
  • Aerospace,
  • Electronics
  • Communications,
  • Information technology,
  • Office equipment,
  • Kitchenware,
  • Sanitary ware,
  • Furniture,
  • Medical equipment,
  • Security,
  • Military,
  • Simulation models,
  • toys & gifts industries.

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This Solution is most applicable for the following stages and categories:

  • Proof of concept
  • Working prototype
  • Industrial Applications
  • Toys & Games
  • Smart Home Devices
  • Tech Accessories
  • Auto Applications
  • Health Devices
  • Science Gadgets
  • Other Technologies

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