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TDP Self-Powered Module

by from Taiwan DSC PV Ltd.

This Solution is a hardware module.
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The TDP self-powered module is a low light powered energy source for IoT wireless devices that eliminates the need for traditional batteries.

About this Solution:


“If you can imagine a world of connected sensors embedded in walls, roads and consumer goods you probably don’t want to imagine having to change the battery on them every six months or year. Even as we build out more connected products we’re still limited by battery life." - Higginbotham (2013)

Higginbotham highlights an essential issue with the global IoT trend - battery life.

The question remains, in the emerging world of IoT, how can we capture and store the most energy that can efficiently power intricate networks of IoT devices? Traditional batteries are not a sufficient power source for the future - we need an alternative.

This is where TDP enters; we have developed dye-sensitized cell (DSC) technology that solves the issues of limited battery life by replacing traditional batteries with self-powered modules.



The TDP self-powered module powers IoT devices without batteries and without the need of maintenance. It is an easily integrated turnkey solution with total cost of ownership 66% less than traditional battery solutions.


  1. Scalability
    - Due to convenient availability of key materials.
  2. Lower Costs
    - The use of low-cost materials.
    - Manufacturing requires easy-to-use equipment.
  3. Stable maximum power output in all light conditions
    - Works efficiently even under indirect light.
    - No angle limitation.
  4. Temperature stability
    - Raising the temperature from 20 to 60°C has practically no effect on power conversion.
  5. Low toxic emissions
    - Manufacturing is an eco-friendly process.
  6. Customization
    - Modules can be customized depending on your requirements.
  7. Generate power under weak light
    - No. 1 energy harvesting source under dim light.
    - Efficient under indoor or weak outdoor lighting.

Certifications Acquired:

  • ITRI

Potential Applications:


In the era of explosive IoT growth, people are increasingly adopting and using products that use batteries as their power source. However, with traditional batteries users experience the hassle of irregular maintenance, unreliable solutions, and the inevitable environmental impacts of traditional battery solution. The TDP self-powered module can be customized in system requirements according to functions and appearances.

Potential applications include mobile badges, smart factories, smart houses, environmental monitors, shopping mall guidances, senior and medical care systems, and so on that require batteries as power source.





TDP was established as a business unit of Jintex group in 2009, and in 2011 it was spun out as a subsidiary. We have successfully managed DSC key technologies and received multiple related patents. Our objective is to combine the core concept of mobile energy with realistic applications towards advancing eco-friendly and convenient technology trends.

Our competitive advantages

  • Our flexible DSC modules have best conversion efficiency and longest lifetime (3 to 5 years) compared to other modules in the marketplace.
  • We are one of few companies in the industry that is self-sufficient producing high quality materials for DSC modules.
  • TDP is vertically integrated with a leading R&D team, with patented technologies in areas ranging from raw materials, modules, processing and mass production.
  • Our currently focus is on close cooperation with clients to develop customized business models.

TDP offer three main services

  1. DSC turnkey total solution, and module mass production technology transfer.
  2. DSC key materials sales and technical support.
  3. DSC production assistance and testing services.

Discover more about TDP

We are the power source of your IoT innovation. Let's build an eco-friendly future together! Get in touch now!


  • Durability Test Report - Durability Over 3 Years, test by center for measurement standards (ITRI)
  • RoHS Test Report - Test passed, test by SGS


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  • Auto Applications
  • Health Devices
  • IoT sensors

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Taiwan DSC PV Ltd. (TDP) was established in 2011, focusing on both DSC flexible and rigid module technology development and turnkey solution total package.  TDP has successfully managed DSC key ...
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