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Solutions for Smart Glasses and Wearables

by from Jorjin Technologies

This Solution is a hardware module.
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State-of-the-art wireless SiP modules and application processor SoM solutions for wearable technologies.

About this Solution:

If you have an idea for an unique smart glass product and software expertise, but struggle with hardware design, or if you have an idea for an unique application of electronic glass technology, but no hardware making experience, JORJIN Technologies can help to realize your hardware dreams.

The design and manufacturing specialist offers a range of system in package (SiP) solutions, including miniature-sized, highly integrated chip/modules that are perfect for low-footprint, high-spec wearable technology such as smart glass products.


JORJIN’s solutions--integrated with light, temperature and MEMS sensors--are highly customizable and can be paired with a range of third-party hardware, including LCD/E-paper displays, micro projectors, micro cameras and GPS.

In addition to hardware solutions, JORJIN can also assist with hardware-software integration, allowing customers to easily add voice control, bone conduction transmission of sound and various monitoring features to their products.


Thanks to the range of features available, our solutions can be used in a variety of smart wearables, including glasses, watches, footwear and clothing.

Our ability to meet different customer needs also enables us to deliver products for both the consumer market, such as the Vuzix M100, and the vertical market as seen with the EPSON BT-200.


A key strength of these solutions is their high level of integrability. Whether your product needs sensors for light, temperature, pressure, MEMS or wireless charging, we can make it happen.

Enabling connectivity

To allow reliable, uninterrupted streaming of data between devices, JORJIN’s solutions can be fitted with a range of wireless capabilities, including WiFi, ZigBee, Bluetooth, NFC and GPS.

JORJIN Partner Ecosystem

From additional components such as displays to software assistance and cloud services, our network of strategic hardware and software partners provides a one-stop shop for third-party solutions that meet the creative needs of our customers.

Product Development

JORJIN also provides an evolution board, which can be used to help with the development of your product. It includes a camera sensor and a JORJIN wireless module (GPS/WiFi/BLE/BT/FM)

Plug in MIPI CSI2 serial interface x2, or connect with parallel interface x1.

  • Supports several sensor modules (1.3M/5M/8M Megapixels CMOS sensor modules).
  • Capable of delivering superior low-light performance selection with high sensitivity sensor.
  • Supports high definition video of 720p (HD) and 1080p (FHD) at 30fps

Let your ideas combine with JORJIN’s technical expertise and deliver a game-changing product.

We welcome you to contact us via HWTrek Q&A. Thank you!

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About Jorjin:Founded since 1997, Jorjin Technologies is a complete solution provider who specialized in wireless module(SiP) solutions for many upcoming portable devices including mobile phone and ...
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