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Solution for Intelligent Car

by from Shenzhen Saiyi Technology Development company

This Solution offers an ODM/OEM/EMS service.
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AoXin solution is specialized in intelligent house, electronic technology, circuit &PCB design, single-chip technology, IOT, and cloud design services

About this Solution:

AoXin Solution, the registered trademarks of Saiyi science development co., has confident and are able to provide our clients with advanced concept and well technical services in these area such as APP design, intelligent house, electronic technology, electronic circuit design, PCB design, single-chip technology, intelligent control, Internet of Things project, and design of management software of the cloud services, cloud computing, cloud storage.

We always commit to fostering a excellent team to provide more detailed solution and help our clients to reduce cost from the product development, marketing mode upgrade and product generation change for setting up five-star platform after sale.


Intelligent Car/IOV-


Car DVR-

Car camera, also called car DVR, and it’s a device with infrared night vision / motion detection function, directly use power of the car cigarette lighter, with laser positioning light function.



  • Recording function: video resolution 640 * 48030;
  • Camera angle: Horizontal 60-140 degrees (standard 90 °)
  • Loop recording: the oldest files automatically cleared after the memory is full;
  • Motion detection: automatic recording moving objects;
  • IR function: own infrared light, you can shoot in dull environment;
  • USB features: USB to computer connection for data copy function;
  • The date and time functions: video file that comes with time watermark function;
  • TV-OUT function through direct playback of video files on your TV or on-site monitoring.

Technical parameters:

  • Lens: 3.6mm
  • Effective angle: 90 degrees (140 degrees optional)
  • Video Resolution: 640 * 480
  • Video playback speed: 30
  • Video file format: AVIMPG4
  • Operating voltage: 5V
  • Charging voltage: 4.2-5V
  • Working temperature: <70 degrees

Wiper system-

Wiper system is one of the most important equipment of the car, it is mainly use for cleaning the water or fog on the windshield.

Intelligent wiper system is composed of sensor, controller, DC motor, wiper, windshield and LIN connector. And it’s more convenient than the mechanical one.

  • Functions of wiper: To clean the water or fog or something on the windshield when in rainy day or foggy day, it is so convenient to move that will rapidly improve the work efficiency.
  • Functions of sensor: To check if there is any dust or water on the windshield, and then send the signal to the AC motor to finish the cleaning job.
  • Functions of AC motor: It’s a device that changed the mechanical energy into DC electric power.


Car Audio-

Car audio which is an integrated In Car multimedia / navigation system that same as the DVD and used for playing audios and navigating, it can release you when you are driving.


Specifications :

  • Main Function: Car multimedia payer with DVD CD MP3 MP4 Bluetooth
  • Display Screen: Touch Screen
  • Frontal Panel: Fixed
  • Player Combination: MP3 / MP4 / CD / VCD / DVD / Built-in Bluetooth
  • Radio:30 Station Presets 12AM/18FM, Station Seek, Preset Scan Function
  • Menu language: Multi-language( English German Portuguese French Russian )
  • Bluetooth: Built-in Stereo Bluetooth
  • TV: Analog TV

Supported Format:

  • AAC / MP3 / WMA / WAV / CD+R/RW
  • WMV / FLV / MKV / RMVB / MP4 / MOV / AVI / DVD+R/RW / SVCD / VCD
  • BMP / JPEG / PNG / GIF
  • Audio output: Universal video output
  • EQ: Classic/Pop/Rock/Flat/DSP OFF/ DSP ON
  • Encoder Audio Control: Volume/Bass/Treble/Balance/Fade/Loudness
  • Audio Part: RCA line out jack
  • Video Part: Video line output, Reverse camera input
  • Disc Play: MP3/CD/VCD/DVD (12CM)
  • Power Output: High power
  • Power Requirement: DC 12 Volts, negative ground
  • ESP Time: DVD (10 sec ), CD ( 40 sec ), MP3 ( 60 sec )

GPS navigator/Global Positioning System (GPS)-

GPS navigator is becoming more and more popular in our life, especially for the people who has cars, it can tell us how to arrive at the destination in a shortest way through voice and map, now it’s widely use in traffic and tourism.



  • 3D real view map;
  • Handfree bluetooth;
  • Reversing Radar;
  • Advanced alarm system;
  • Car DVR;
  • 3G/WIFI Internet;
  • Tire Pressure Monitoring System;
  • GPS location system.
  • Operating system: wince5.0/6.0, ppc.

Car Refrigerator-

Car refrigerator is very convenient for people who is always driving. You can imagine it, when you are driving on the road alone in a summer day, you are thirsty but there is no cold water for you, you need to buy from the shop, it will be very expensive. Don't worry, the Car refrigerator can handle it!


Function parameters:

  • Capacity: 20L-100L(Optional)
  • Power Voltage: 12-24V/220V
  • Wattage:40-60W
  • Temperature Range: -0.4℉-50℉


  • Insulation: CFC-free polyurethane foam
  • Optional extras: High-quality insulating protective cover
  • Economically-priced
  • AC adapter, use at home or on cars
  • AC voltage: AC 100 -120V / 220 - 240V / 50-60Hz.
  • Consumption of energy: 0.13-0.48kWh/24hrs according to different capacity.
  • Battery voltage: DC 12V / 24V.

Car Coffee Maker-

Coffee is one of the most popular drinking in the world, it can cheer us up when we are tired, and car coffee maker will help us to make coffee when driving.



  • Suitable for coffee capsule: LAVAZZA BLUE ect.;
  • Using 19BAR/15BAR Italian ULKA Pump to ensure steady pressure;
  • One button control to make coffee in an easier manner;
  • Instant S/S boiler for faster heating and shorter pre-heating time;
  • Drawer type capsule seat for easier cleaning;
  • Detachable transparent water tank
  • Detachable drip tray making cleaning more convenient;
  • Height adjustable drip tray suitable for different cups;
  • High precision NTC on temperature controlling ,making higher quality coffee;
  • Safe and reliable with auto-protecting function when dry heating;
  • Energy saving design with automatic shut off function after 60 minutes;
  • Graceful appearance design;

Car Oxygen Bar-

Car Oxygen Bar is a device that can refresh the air in the cars.


Working principle:

  1. Purification technology of both negative ion and ozone are applied.
  2. Generate millions of negative ions to neutralize positive ions of dust granules, suspended particulates of the air and other pollutants to remove surroundings toxic substances.
  3. Ozone sterilizes the air inside the car by its oxidation and be deoxidized into oxygen without secondary pollution.


  • Powerful PCO technology to remove odor, smoke, pollen, bacteria, virus, VOC etc various contamination
  • Innovative 3-in-1 air purification system: HEPA filter + Nano silver filter + High efficiency pariculate air.
  • Deluxe and stylish outlook to make the unit more valuable
  • High purification performance: Traps particles like pollen, dust, allergens, pet dander at more than 99.2% Breaks down poisonous fumes and VOCs into CO2 and H2O at more than 85.2% Eliminates odors, vapors, cigarette smoke and other peculiars
  • High-performance fan to purify the air in silent and disperse the negative ions thoroughly
  • Emits negative ions to improve air quality and create a more natural and healthy environment
  • Ideal for a vehicle, desktop, bedroom, children room or hospital room of about 15 square meters

Car Power Supply-

Car power supply, which is a device that can turn the DC12V into AC220V for the general electrical appliance. As you know, when you are driving for a long trip, car power is really a necessary device for you, it can charge the smartphones, supply the electricity for the sound equipment and so on.



  1. Short circuit protection: No matter how long it in short circuit, the car, the phone and any other devices will normal use.
  2. Applicable for any kinds of plugs.
  3. The socket has a security door, it will more safety for you to use.
  4. Not limited by the types or the distance of seats.
  5. Multi-protection(Overcharge protections, over discharge protections, short-ciruit protections, stable voltage protections) to guarantee the products can safety use on cars.


  • Input voltage: DC10V-14.5V
  • Output voltage: AC 200V~220V±10%
  • Output frequency: 50Hz±5%
  • Output power: 70W-150W
  • Convert efficiency: More than 85%
  • Inverter frequency: 30kHz~50kHz

Car Cup-

Car cup is a kind of product that heated via the cars' power, and it has been becoming more and more popular in our daily life. As it know to all, if you want to make coffee or tea when you are driving, hot water is always a big problem, and Car cup can handle this case,

it can not only help us to save the time but also save the money.


Function parameter:

  • Rated voltage:12-24V; Rated current:6A-8A;Rated power:95W(HI mode)/70W(LO mode).
  • Screen:LED
  • Rapid heating, within 3 mins.
  • Button-style switches, the temperature is adjustable, easy to open the lid and sealing up.
  • Different mode like boiling, keep warming, make the tea and so on.
  • Defrost intelligently.

It can forecast the low water levels intelligently, avoid parching.

Charging and Discharging Controller-

Charging and discharging controller is mainly focus at adjust the voltage of solar panel, its frequency has been improved 10%-30% than the general panel we used.



  1. To prevent the battery from overcharging;
  2. To prevent the battery from over-discharge;
  3. To prevent nighttime reverse discharge the battery to solar panels;
  4. overload;
  5. Short circuit protection;
  6. Avoid overturning the electrodes.

Vehicle Tracker-

Vehicle Tracker, also named car tracker, it is a device that connect the car with your phones. You can find your car even if you didn’t install the GPS.



SMS tracking, web based tracking platform, GPS tracking, remote monitoring, lock the car remotely and so on.

Product characteristics:

  1. The smallest vehical tracker in the world, which size is as small as the match box.
  2. Very easy to install, you just need to connect the Plus-n-Minus of car battery, and it can save the route in recent 3 months.
  3. Easy to use.
  4. You can track your car in different ways such as GPS, APP, SMS and so on.
  5. Multi-language

Car Massager-

Car massager is a machine that has the functions of kneading massage to improve the blood circulation, and massaging each parts of your body to eliminate tiredness.



  • Five physical therapy: massage, kneading, automatic point selection, far infrared, vibration massage
  • Three walking pattern: half stroke, lower half stroke, back control.
  • The three vibration mode: three kinds of bottom vibrator massage.
  • Automatic speed control, intermittent massage, continue massage.
  • Two kinds of patterns: walking kneading, kneading neck kneading.

Car Bluetooth-

Car Bluetooth, which is a device that can connect to your phone when someone called you, so that you can free your hand and avoid the traffic accident.



  • Output power:1W/8Ω
  • Microphone sensitivity: 2-44dB
  • Dimension:104*52*20mm
  • Bluetooth version: Bluetooth V2.0+EDR
  • Transmission distance:10m
  • Range of frequency: 2400-2480MHz


  • Answer / refuse/ voice dial
  • Last number redial
  • Adjust volume
  • DSP technology
  • Advanced Multiuse- Stay connected to two active bluetooth devices simultaneously

Car Charger-

Car charger is more and more popular in our daily life, it can help us to charge our phones in cars, we are aimed at seeking a solution that has more advantages, and make it know by everyone who has the cars.


Chargers’ functions:

  • Low cost and high reliability.
  • Overcharge protections, over discharge protections, short-ciruit protections, stable voltage protections, automatically identify the phone current protections.
  • Input voltage: 10V-35V
  • Output voltage: 5V-9V
  • Packaging: SOT23-6
  • Charging current: between 1-3A


  • No matter where you are, it can charge your phones perfectly.
  • The fuse will fusing if the current is too large.
  • Suitable for different kinds of USB wire.
  • It can charge for phones or tablet.

Car Stereo-

Car stereo, actually it’s a device that same as the DVD and used for playing audios, it can release you when you are driving.


Function Parameter:

  • Power: DC12~24V
  • USB Flash Drive: Yes
  • Compatible with DVD/DIVX/MPEG4/VCD/MP3/FM
  • USB/SD/MMC Slot
  • Screen:OLED
  • Noise Ratio:98dba
  • Distance: less than 5 meters


  1. Ouput Power:60Wx4 High Power output,
  2. Frequency Response:The frequency that human can hear is between 20Hz to 20KHz, the boarder the better.
  3. SNR:Signal Noise Ratio,generally speaking, the SNR of top grade auto acoustic is more than 90DB, and the more the better.
  4. THD:A signal is a measurement of the harmonic distortion present and is defined as the ratio of the sum of the powers of all harmonic components to the power of the fundamental frequency.

Car Vacuum Cleaner-

Car vacuum cleaner is a device that uses an air pump to create a partial vacuum to suck up dust and dirt, usually from floors, and optionally from other surfaces as well. The dirt is collected by either a dustbag or a cyclone for later disposal. Vacuum cleaners, which are used in homes as well as in industry, exist in a variety of sizes and models— small battery-operated hand-held devices, domestic central vacuum cleaners, huge stationary industrial appliances that can handle several hundred litres of dust before being emptied, and self-propelled vacuum trucks for recovery of large spills or removal of contaminated soil.



  • auto accessories
  • handheld car vacuum cleaner
  • amphibious for dry and wet
  • with cigarette lighter


  • DC 12V 40W
  • 3m cord with cigarette lighter
  • wet/ dry functions
  • portable design
  • various types

Car Air Conditioning-

Car air conditioning, which is a device composed of Compressor, evaporator, condenser, throttling element, fan and other accessories, and used for adjusting the driving room’s temperature.


Working principle:

When the compressor working, from the evaporator into the compressor inhalation of low temperature and low pressure refrigerant gas by compression, elevated temperature and pressure of the refrigerant, and was sent to a condenser. Inside the condenser, high temperature and high pressure refrigerant gas through condenser heat transfer into the the liquefaction of air outside the car, changes to a liquid. When the liquid refrigerant flows through the throttle device, temperature, and pressure, and enters the evaporator. Evaporator, low temperature and low pressure liquid refrigerant absorbs the heat through the evaporator, car air evaporates into a gas. Gas and compressor suction for the next round of the cycle. In this way, accomplished by circulating a refrigerant in the system, from time to time, absorbing air heat inside car side-by-side to the outside air, decrease of the air temperature inside the car. Billion programme of technology is committed to developing the game for many years. Always will be developed as an engine for development, such as intention to have development, please call the Advisory, looks forward to cooperation with you.

Reversing Radar-

Reversing radar is a set of safety assistant installation applied on auto back-up, and it's made up of probe, controller and screen.It can show the obstacles around the driver , and relieve the troubles like back-up, start the engine and so on.


Features of ultrasonic:

  • Working Voltage:DC10V-15V
  • Standard Voltage:DC12V
  • Consuming less than 500mA when it's warning.(It include the buzzer, probe and camera.)
  • Working temperature: -40℉~185℉ Relative humidity: ≤ 95%(140℉)
  • Storage temperature: -40℉~203℉ Relative humidity: ≤ 95%(140℉)
  • Ultrasonic sensor(Probe)
  • Working voltage:DC10V~15V
  • Standard voltage:DC12V
  • Working frequency:40KHz±1KHZ
  • Connect to the hosts: two lines (S, GND)
  • Detected distance: 150cm±5cm(300mm*300mm*5mm Testing on wooden slab)100cm±5cm(φ75mm*1000mm Testing on PVC tube)
  • Detected angle: H 120°± 10°,V 60°± 10°
  • Working temperature: -40℉~185℉ Relative humidity: ≤ 95%(140℉)
  • Storage temperature: -40℉~203℉ Relative humidity: ≤ 95%(140℉)

Attached camera:

  • Working voltage: DC 12V
  • Available FOA: H:120±5° V:100±5°
  • Resolution ratio: 400 TV Lines
  • AV signal: Vpp:1±0.2V 75Ω
  • Chromatism: Eab≤35 Elab≤40 (D65 illuminant)
  • The minimum illumination: 1Lux
  • Dustproof and waterproof: IP66
  • Working temperature: -22℉~176℉ (Relative humidity: ≤ 95%(140℉))
  • Storage temperature: -40℉~185℉ (Relative humidity: ≤ 95%(140℉))

Intelligent Car Alarm-

Car alarm is a kind of multifunctions product that designs for the cars. It can not only has its basic one---give an alarm, but also can help you to operate your car more convenient by remote control---open the cargo room, open the doors or windows, start/stop the engine and so on.


Features :

  • Trunk release
  • Sound and light alarm setting
  • Release alarm setting
  • Auto keyless system
  • Remote alarm and disalarm
  • Ant-hijacking
  • Vehicle search function
  • Vibration record
  • Opened door alert
  • Auto central door lock
  • Emergency calling
  • Electronic/air compressor lock transition
  • Built-in central lock relay
  • Long distance
  • Power window output(optional)

Certifications Acquired:

  • ISO9001

Potential Applications:

Automotive Electronics:

  • Auto electric appliance
  • Vehicle safety
  • Car maintenance

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