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Software Design Service for Smart Hardware Products

by from VORM.

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This Solution offers a software design service.
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VORM is a technology design and innovation consultancy firm. We empower businesses by creating, product and service that deliver a better experience.

About this Solution:

VORM is a technology design and innovation consultancy firm. We are empowering businesses by creating systems of brand, product and service that deliver a distinctly better experience.

We are researchers, designers and business minds working together to uncover new business opportunities and help brands become leaders. Everything we do is based on our unmatched in-house research about peoples’ needs, feelings and desires. With passion for launching, rejuvenating and propelling brands and products. Our team has successfully conducted over 100 design projects, and helped our clients significantly increase their revenue.This wealth of executed projects gives us the expertise that clients are looking for when reaching their goals.

What can we do for You:


Our offerings support the blurring between digital and physical products. To create experiences that scale VORM provides brand design as well as design systems services.

Industrial Design • Product Design • Software and Digital Design • Brand Design • Experience design


Our Software development service helps our clients create and capture value by identifying untapped opportunities in the market and converting them into meaningful products and services.

Embedded software • Firmware • Bluetooth connectability • Mobile apps development


Computers, connected devices, cameras; vacuum cleaners, toasters; sport goods, medical scanners — if you name a category, chances are we’ve designed for it. Regardless of product type, our industrial designers specialize in one thing: bringing emotional appeal to physical forms.

Industrial design • Electronics Engineering • Product Realization • Mechanical Engineering • Connected software


Our Experience Strategy service choreographs interactions between people and a brand’s products and services by assessing the quality of existing experiences, envisioning future opportunities, then planning and managing the deployment of a unified vision.

User experience • Design Research • Experience Envisioning • Interaction design

Our previous projects :

Lovely Inc – smart sex toy

Lovely ring is a smart penis ring. Together with Lovely app it’s sex toy that coaches you how to have better sex. Lovely is made for couples so they can track, follow, improve and enjoy their sex ilfe – always togheter

scope of work: concept, visual language, animations & video, industrial design, modeling, prototyping, material design, engineering, software development, app design.

status: during implementation


Woolet – slim smart walet

Woolet is a security system of your belongings. Starts with smart slim wallet for the with piezoelectric recharging module. System contains also Woolet key finder, RFID blocker, woolet crypter and mobile app that that connects all of them.

scope of work: brand, concept, visual language, animations & video, industrial design, modeling, prototyping, material design, software and electronics engineering, project realization, textile design, material design, modeling, engineering.

status: implemented


Clime – environmental sensor

The micro-sensor that automates your life. The sleek body of the Clime sensor is packed with powerful technology and features such as a Bluetooth 4.0 chip. The clime body is covered in foamed PVC protecting the sensor from outdoor elements and any natural wear and tear within home habitat.

scope of work: brand, concept, visual language, industrial design, modeling, prototyping, material design, mechanical engineering, software and electronics engineering, project realization, molds.

status: implemented


Glokio – supplements for the women’s needs

Glokio is a well-being company producing complete system of vitamins and minerals adjusted for women. Vitamins are sold in subscription model through app and web service

scope of work: concept, branding, visual language, packaging and industrial design, engineering, software development, web and app design. status: implemented


Koala Metrics
– Psychographic profiles of your smartphone users + Koala Metrics appDiscovery

Koala metrics works with Telecoms and mCommerce platforms better understand their clients by identifying users’ psychographic profiles based on smartphone usage.

scope of work: branding, brand strategy, visual language, web and app design.

status: implemented

Prix One – 3D printer

Second generation Pirx 3D printer. Closed in powder coated stainless steel casing. Q Sensor system eliminates calibration issues. Custom made linear guides, optical Z endstop and high performance trapezoid screw allow astounding 10 micron precision

scope of work: concept, industrial design, modeling, prototyping, material design, project realization.

status: implemented


Bimota Tesi Electric

Electric Motorcycle Concept Urban electric motorcycle. Primarily intended for novice riders and people who want to quickly and nimbly navigate the crowded streets of big cities. Bold and modern design is aimed at people of uncompromising, valuing independence and wanting to stand out from the crowd.

scope of work: visual design, industrial design, ergonomics, material design, modeling, engineering,

prototyping status: prototyped

cooperation: Komel sp. z o.o.

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  • Brainstorming an idea
  • Working prototype
  • Enhancing industrial design
  • Improving electronic board
  • Design for manufacturability
  • All project categories

Brought to you by George

Business Development Specialist at VORM.
Ambitious and hard working. Quick thinking and always able to find the solution to the problem before hand. Our motto at Vorm. is first of all provide the best quality of our products thus bringing a ...
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