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Smart Garden Sensor & Watering System

by from JIMTECH Limited

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Sensor is monitoring the condition of environment; Hub is the gateway to database for data collection and analysis; Valve is controlled automatically.

About this Solution:

Solution Highlight

1. LoRa solution between Sensor,Valve and Hub with extreme low-power consumption

2. Web-based control system through Hub.


The sensors act as the “eyes” for gardeners and farmers. They check soil and sunlight conditions, and alert you immediately when conditions change significantly. Because accurate data is critical in taking actions, Gnome sensors use industrial level Frequency Domain Reflectometry (FDR) technology to measure water, which is typically only found in much more expensive, non-smart sensors that cost $250 USD or more.


The valve empower you to actively care for your plants by changing how much water different areas of your field, plot, or garden will get - and it’s all done remotely, via our app. You can set to water by schedule, or automatically based sensor readings. You can water precisely when plants need it, at time that is most efficient (such as early morning) and not watering when it has rained. The result is reduced water waste, less labor for you, and of course, some very happy plants! And you never again have to ask a neighbor to water your garden while you’re away on vacation.

Hub – the control center for your farm or garden’s health

Hub is the control center for sensors and valves. It can link up to 30 nodes(sensors and valves) with Lora that are within a 1km radius range, and connects to the Internet via Wi-Fi.

When you’re using the via its app, you’re talking to the Hub. Its primary function is to send data to you and relay your commands to the nodes.

Certifications Acquired:

Potential Applications:

The system monitors soil condition, and manages watering according to soil moisture, weather and time. Not only will you save a lot of water and fertilizer, you will produce healthier plants. Gnome covers areas with a radius of up to 1km via radio frequency and works with your existing irrigation system. It is solar powered so there are no cables to run and it’s very easy to install.

The following scenario is applicable for this product:

  • Mixed production in small area (home/garden)
  • High value crops
  • Modern farm with less human required

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