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Smart Data Logger For IOT Application

by from Anasystem Inc.

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SensMini M4 is an intelligent data logger.It's all-in-one integrated smart logger and integrated with Senlink for instant RDAQ over clouds.

About this Solution:

AnaSystem is a system integration company which uses cloud IoT platform as the core of data acquisition system. AnaSystem specializes in developing all-in-one IoT products integrated sensor, power, communication and cloud software like smart data logger, smart parking sensor and smart water level gauge. The cloud software Senslink integrates communication systems, database systems, cloud computing technology, on-line analysis and display functions to build the core of cloud IoT platform used in the environment, hydrology, meteorology, transportation, medical, smart city, smart agriculture, etc. monitoring systems. Furthermore, Senslink can combine with big data analysis model to provide the basis of decision-making and behavior prediction.

Smart Data Logger:

SensMini M4


SensMini M4 is an intelligent data logger developed by AnaSystem, Taiwan. It is a ready-to-use, programmable automation controller.

The device possesses unique features: small size, waterproof, energy saving for operation, easy-to-setup, and user friendly configuration interfaces which can be locally or remotely accessed via a web browser. In addition, almost any commercially available sensors are easy to integrate with SensMini M4.

The device can convert an array of physical parameters from analogue/digital signals to different units of measurement. It transmits the data securely via LoRa or 3G mobile telecommunications, or Ethernet to Senslink, a real-time monitoring platform developed by AnaSystem with dedicated cloud computing, service and storage. The platform performs online data tracking and analyses, displays statuses with tables and graphs, and reports various results as well as instant, automatic alerts to designated users while data values go out of the specifications.

As an integrated real-time monitoring platform, Senslink and SensMini M4 jointly can provide automatic online data collection, aggregation, digitized conversion, secured wireless and wired transmission, analyses and alerts generation, as well as storage capabilities effectively and efficiently. The facility can adapt to customers’ requirements easily. Therefore, customers do not need to establish the complex information technology manpower or telemetry service infrastructure. In other words, customers can reduce maintenance cost by utilizing the AnaSystem real-time monitoring platform in the cloud and assembling the requirements of their applications.

The Senslink platform is the best choice for environmental parameters monitoring or surveillance. It also provides automated management and early warming capabilities.

SensMini M4, it's all-in-one integrated smart logger. Integrated with Senlink for instant RDAQ over clouds.


  • Paired with Senslink for instant real-time remote data acquisition (RDAQ)
  • IP68 waterproofed plastic case for harsh environment
  • Power saving, low cost, easy installation and maintenance
  • COM port: RS-485*2, RS-232*1
  • I/O: Analog Input x4, Digital Input x1, Digital Output x2
  • Support maximum 32GB SD card
  • Support 3G/4G/LoRa communication
  • Charge controller for LEAD-ACID batteries and solar panel.
  • Power consumption: Full time 0.8 ~ 1W. Sleep 0.001W. Save 99.9% power using.
  • Industry grade product. CE and FCC certification.

Hardware Specifications:





  • Maximum size of memory 32GB
  • Precision of each measurement: 32 bit
  • Recording interval: 1 minutes to 720 minutes
  • 4GB SD card can support over 200 years of data records with 5 measures per minute
  • Removable SD card for data interval
  • Real-time data transmission with historical data backup


  • Real-time monitoring via PC, iPhone/Pad or Android devices
  • Support LoRaWAN/ 3G/ Ethernet communications
  • Automated online backup for measured data
  • Support server or client via TCP connections
  • Support Modbus TCP protocols
  • Support auto re-connection functions
  • Support digital input counter functions
  • Support GPS capabilities (Optional)
  • Auto resume for missing data via Senslink

Remote or On-Site Parameter Setting-

  • Dynamic mapping among hardware and software nodes
  • Parameters for linear transformation: span and zero
  • Maximum number of measures per second: 32 units

Examples of Data Acquisition & Cloud Computing System:


Certifications Acquired:

Potential Applications:

Monitoring systems for:

  • Environment
  • Hydrology
  • Meteorology
  • Transportation
  • Medical
  • Smart City
  • Smart Agriculture

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ABOUT AnaSystem:AnaSystem is a system integration company which uses cloud IoT platform as the core of data acquisition system. AnaSystem specializes in developing all-in-one IoT products integrated ...
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