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Skydiving simulator

by from ShenZhen Jingmin Digital Machine Co.,Ltd.

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9D vr skydiving simulator used new 9D VR technology, it is a hot and new in the market, it can bring you a unforgetable experience

About this Solution:

Beautiful appearance, realistic shock effect. Sits in the seat, lock seat belts, wear vr glasses, experience a nerve-racking, bold heroic and more than 10000 meters altitude skydiving trip. Players are similar as that they come to Hainan Meilan Airport, board an XLS + Jet plane, when they start to skydiving, they can control the direction of travel umbrella package through pull the left and right hand direction controller. Realize the aspirations of the players who worry the safety of the skydiving, bungee jumping class extreme sports, meet the players excitement, adventure, challenge the limits of conquest and rich entertainment needs through virtual skydiving simulator.

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Potential Applications:

Put the simulator in the shopping mall, game center, amusement park etc. for commerical.

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