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Sketchfab offers an easy way to share and embed interactive 3D content, anywhere online. Our viewer is embeddable as easily as a YouTube video.

About this Solution:

You probably have built 3D/CAD models along the way. It’s time to leverage this content to engage your fans and get feedback.

We believe that one of the things creative projects really need in order to get off the ground is a compelling way to tell their story. Since most of those early projects only have a virtual existence at first, showcasing them in 3D makes sense!

Both cutting-edge and innovative, embedding a real-time 3D display is a great way to create a “wow effect” and make your product stand out from others. 3D is the only non-passive media. Your fans and customers get a real-life product experience online. They can zoom, pan, rotate, and experience your product in all dimensions and angles.

  • Share it anywhere online

We do our best to protect your models. Note that by default your models are not downloadable, meaning that people can only see them in 3D in their browser. Plus, when you publish you remain the full owner of your files; Sketchfab has no right to sell them.

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The place to be for 3D at Sketchfab
Sketchfab offers an easy way to publish, share and embed interactive 3D content, anywhere online. Our 3D viewer can be embedded on your website, Kickstarter, Indiegogo, your socials... just as easily ...
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