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SGS - Radio Frequency (RF) Testing Services

by from SGS Electronics & Communication Laboratory

This Solution offers a testing or certification service.
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Tests products for Radio Frequency (RF) compatibility and safety, ensuring products meet safety and EMC requirements.

About this Solution:

We offer a range of Radio Frequency testing services up to date with the latest telecommunication terminal directive 98/13/EC.

Besides meeting the requirement of Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) and Product Safety, wireless spectrum should be efficiently utilized in wireless and telecommunication terminal equipment, to avoid the formation of harmful interference.

SGS Electronics & Communication Laboratory acquired the recognition and approval of NCC and TAF for,

  • Low power wireless devices with operation frequencies between 9 kHz and 40GHz.
    For example: WLAN products, UNII, Bluetooth products, wireless keyboards, wireless mouse, wireless headsets and microphones, walkie-talkie, remote control toys, remote control devices, wireless security devices, etc.
  • Telecommunication Terminal Equipment.

One of the purposes of R&TTE directive is to harmonize the certification restrictions of products for communication. The manufacturers and vendors are required to take the responsibility for certification compliance. That is, by doing product testing and declaration of conformity voluntarily, without acquiring certification from notify body, vendors are able to declare that their products meet the requirement of CE mark, to sell in the European market.

Testing Products:

  • Mobile/Portable Products (GSM/GPRS/EDGE/WCDMA/HSPA/HSPA+/LTE)
  • Notebook/Pad Products
  • Bluetooth Related Products
  • Wireless Network Products
  • Wireless Communication Peripheral Products
  • Home Base Station/FemtoCell Products
  • WiMAX/UWB, RFID, ZigBee

Service Items:

  • Products with operation frequencies between 9kHz to 40GHz.
  • International RF/Telecom Approval :
    • U.S.A./ FCC
    • Canada/ IC
    • EU/ CE, R&TTE
    • China/ SRRC
    • Japan/ TELEC, JATE
    • Taiwan/ NCC
    • Korea/ KC
    • Singapore/ IDA
    • Indonesia/ DGPT
    • Australia & New Zealand/ RCM
    • Russia/ GOST

The Scope of Certification Services:





Certifications Acquired:

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About SGS:We, SGS Taiwan Electronics & Communication Laboratory, provide comprehensive service for Consumer/Industrial electronic product whether they are non-wireless or wireless (i.e., 2G/3G/LTE, ...
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