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Linkers finds and matches you with the perfect supplier among the vast and intricate ecosystem of companies in Japan that house unique technologies.

About this Solution:



Are you looking for an advanced technology supplier for your Project?

Are you finding it time-consuming to find that perfect partner among the many thousands of suppliers?

Perhaps language and cultural barriers are making it difficult to establish an efficient dialogue?

Do you want to tap into the technological expertise Japanese suppliers have to offer?

Linkers solves all your issues by finding the most suitable Japanese supplier among the vast number of manufacturing companies in Japan that house outstanding technologies

We are a network of highly specialized coordinators throughout Japan that helps you to find the best and most suitable supplier.

Within just 2 months, we’ll find a Japanese supplier that perfectly suits your Project requirements that can take your Project to the next stage.


Vast Network of Highly Specialized Coordinators


  • Linkers has confidentiality agreements with over 1,300 coordinators in over 300 industrial support organizations, including official institutions.
  • As the company with the highest number of coordinators, we have access to virtually all of Japan’s leading businesses.
  • Our rigorous confidentiality agreements ensure trust and eliminate any possibility of sensitive information or intellectual property being leaked.

Unique Access to Otherwise Unobtainable Information


  • Linkers’ coordinators have strong ties with local companies, which grants them access to a unique and extensive library of information.
  • Such invaluable information is impossible to obtain through other channels - such as academic societies, web searches, word of mouth, trade shows, etc. - and provides exclusive business opportunities.

Identifies and Matches You with the Perfect Supplier


  • Linkers performs a multi-stage evaluation process in order to accurately pin-point the perfect supplier for your Project.
  • You are always in complete control of the disclosure of information to candidates and coordinators, which can be managed at each evaluation stage.

Eliminating Language and Cultural Barriers


  • Linkers manages the entire process - from start to finish.
  • We eliminate all of your concerns regarding language barriers and differences in business practices.


Established in 2012, Linkers was a response to the devastating effects the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake had on small- and medium-sized businesses. Our objective is support the growth of SMEs and revitalize the Japanese economy.

We believe that the development of new innovations is essential for the prosperity of the manufacturing industry, and that the success of large corporations will open up opportunities for SMEs.

In order to keep up with the rapidly evolving markets, companies seek external resources for a more efficient way to develop innovations. However, finding that right supplier can be challenging, costly, and time-consuming.





Linkers helps you to quickly find the best and most suitable Japanese supplier that enables you to accelerate the development of your hardware innovations. We are ready to help you find the ideal supplier that suits your specific Project requirements. More than 1,300 coordinators are ready to discover your match among the vast number of Japanese companies, and assist you in accelerating your Project development.

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Case Study

Suppose 100 different technologies are necessary to develop a new product. Like a jigsaw puzzle, you have fit in 99 pieces but in case one last piece is missing, your entire product development process will never be completed unless you have all the pieces.

Case 1 :

Finding partner of inspection machine for minute foreign matters. Product development had been stagnated for a year without this technology.

Client : Japanese Device manufacturer
Supplier : OpCell Co., Ltd


Case 2 :

Searching manufacturing partner of a soundproof room made of corrugated cardboard. Plant expansion Dozens of new hiring achieved.

Client : Bandai Namco Holdings Inc.
Supplier : Kanda Package Co., Ltd (Fukushima Prefecture)


Case 3 :

Finding Sheet metal processing manufacturer for automatic ticket gates.

Client : Leading machinery manufacturer
Supplier : Toa Packing Kogyo Co., Ltd
Production Volume : JPY100million/year


Case 4 :

Searching Space display manufacturer for mobile museums.

Client : Tokyo University of the Arts
Supplier : Rosso Inc.


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Brought to you by Lisa

Managing Executive Officer at Linkers Corporation
Linkers solves the problem of finding suitable technical partners among the vast number of manufacturing companies in Japan that house advanced technologies. We are a network of highly specialized ...
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