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SDChain: IoT + Blockchain Architecture

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SDChain, the world’s first IoT blockchain to support ISO/IEC “six-domain model” standards, creates blockchain ecosystem of trusted internet data.

About this Solution:

What is SDChain?

SDChain, the world’s first IoT public blockchain to support ISO/IEC “six-domain model” standards. Fully considering the technical characteristics of IoT and the development needs of the business ecosystem, SDChain is optimized based on existing blockchain technology with:

  • Digital Asset Issuance
  • User Credit and Identity Management
  • P2P Communication
  • Encryption Algorithm
  • Consensus Algorithm
  • Smart Contract
  • Cross-Chain Contract Mode
  • Market Consensus-based Incentives
  • Decentralized DApp
  • Rapid Access to Business

Such features ensure the beneficial, rapid and sustainable development of SDChain business ecosystem to achieve mutual benefits among digital assets, blockchain and industrial IoT through efficient circulation and value transformation of digital asset credits, within a global framework of ISO/IEC standards.

SDChain is designed to address the various requirements and business needs from different companies and users; it will promote the coexistence of token (SDA), blockchain and IoT technologies, achieve efficient circulation and transition of digital assets credit. As a result, SDChain will become a universal benchmark to promote the real social development through the combination of IoT and Blockchain.

Why SDChain?


“six-domain model” will solve existing problems of the IoT industrya9ce4918e1f6ef2cafb4113fadbdb276.png

What is SDA (Six Domain Assets)?

SDA (Six Domain Assets) is the native digital asset token to be used on the SDChain Platform. SDA will be issued based on a predetermined quota. SDA is intended to be utilized solely on the SDChain Platform (when fully completed and deployed), as a unit of exchange for consumption of services and payment for transactions on the SDChain Platform, as well as the incentive which will encourage participants to establish consensus for digital assets on SDChain, thereby contributing and maintaining the ecosystem on the SDChain Platform.

SDA is currently available on Rfinex, DEW and Coinw.

"six-domain model", the new OSI Model in IoT world

IoT architecture standards based on "six-domain model" (ISO/IEC 30141 DIS、GB / T33474-2016) can effectively guide and establish IoT operation and service system to ensure effective operation and sustainability for businesses.


IoT“six-domain model” reference architecture standards

Converged architecture of IoT and blockchain

Blockchain, as the underlying decentralized eco-operation platform, ensures the development of IoT credit system and value system in a comprehensive way. SDChain has converged the IoT and the blockchain into a decentralized ecosystem for various industries in order that they may establish an efficient, low-cost IoT data exchange platform to give the data more commercial value, according to their own individual needs.



Functional views provide more information about the composition of SDChain system, it describes the typical functional components through a hierarchical structure of four horizontal and four vertical layers, including user layer, service layer, the core layer, base layer with additional cross-layer functions.


Developer platform

The existing incubation of development projects is relatively centralized with inefficiency, opacity and unfriendliness, which affects developer’s creativity and activities. Comparatively, under the incentive of DIP protocol, the SDChain Platform will promote the decentralisation of community ecosystem incubation through a positive feedback mechanism.

SDChain platform enables both business and personal developers to create accounts for IoT devices, share digitalize assets, access block info, inquire transaction information, and deliver real-time notification from the blockchain.


What is the SDChain Ecosystem (Community)?

SDChain combines international strengths to build a universal community ecosystem. The management of its ecosystem will be led by SDChain Foundation in addition to international partners. SDChain will make full use of blockchain and IoT innovations, in addition to promoting to IoT enterprises and users.

Our community includes over 50,000 software developers, all interested in building applications for next big things in IoT world. There are also SDChain corporate partners who are dedicated to building IoT solutions and services.

If you’d like to venture further, check how to be part of SDChian ecosystem: Participate in SDChain Ecosystem


Join SDChain Wallet Design Contest:

Link to Contest Solution Page

Certifications Acquired:

  • ISO/IEC 30141 DIS
  • GB / T33474-2016

Potential Applications:


The SDChain provides resources and guides that offer faster time to market for secured, decentralized, and trusted solutions for key IoT growth markets.

Suggested applications:

  • Medical devices
  • Store infrastructure
  • Smart City
  • Smart Agriculture
  • Smart Home
  • Smart Industrial
  • Textile & Manufacturing
  • New Energy

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