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Robt of intelligent dialogue, transferring expression, dancing, teaching assistant, telling stories, video calls, and so on,

About this Solution:

The team is from ex‐ Nokia Research Center Finland and Shenzhen, who have totally inherited the product concept from Nokia, connecting people.

Tumbler is a Chinese traditional toy, it also has a nickname Never‐Fall‐Down. Its earliest record appeared in Tang Dynasty, it represents a strong spirit in China’s history and culture, never giving up, never being defeated by difficulties, and always smiling to stand up again from a fall.

Snow robot is the excellent combination between Chinese culture and modern high technology. It has the functions of intelligent dialogue, transferring expression, dancing, teaching assistant, telling stories, video calls, and so on, furthermore, it inherits the spirit of Chinese tumbler, carrying a strong inner spirit. It can encourage children not to give up, fighting with difficulties and always insisting on.

The features of Snow Robot

Rolling and Dancing

‐ Using Rotary+Swing Mechanism, which make Snow robot rocking and rolling freely

‐ The programmable platform for dance and facial expression will be opened, which is arm to enhance the capacity of child logic, and also to develop their artistic potential.

Gesture Interaction

‐ On the basis of Wilhelm Wundt’s tri‐dimensional theory of feeling and affective computing, to build up, including language, movement, and facial expression emotional communication system.

‐ Snow robot is able to complete the instruction by recognizing gesture, it can be controlled to go forward to the next task by waving your hand.

Natural Voice Interaction

‐ Snow robot can do Natural Language Dialogue through artificial intelligence like people, so it can provide information consulting and other services.

‐ Plus benefit, it has a highly anthropomorphic character (thanks to its rich built‐in expression package system) which allows Loobot accepted by children very easily.

Teaching & Infinite Contents

‐ Snow robot is capable to provide teaching service

‐ Educational content adaptive updates, infinite scalable Big Data

Vivid Facial Expression And Social Communication

‐ The lovely little robot also has function of Emotional perception and affective computing, it can help children find friends worldwide

Cloud Diary

‐ Snow robot can record the growth of your children by photograph, video, etc., saving beautiful memories.

Video Call

‐ Snow robot can connect you and your children’s video call, and set up family voice group, help you and your children do face to face communication anywhere and anytime.

Intelligence Alarm

Snow robot is capable to do intelligence alarm according to the habitual patterns pre‐setting.

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