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Revvx Hardware / IOT Accelerator

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This Solution offers investment, incubation or acceleration.
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RevvX is India’s first and the largest HardwareAccelerator focussed on supporting Hardware Startups through Prototyping, Manufacturing & Distribution

About this Solution:

RevvX Hardware/IOT Accelerator

Start-ups avail of RevvX ( Formerly Co-Labs) pool of Expert support to Quickly and cheaply test/learn/iterate, Hit the sweet spot in Product Market fit and launch their ventures on a growth trajectory of rapid scale.

Scaling from Prototype to Distribution

Design - Revvx has partnered with Design Labs in US, Europe and Asia who help take ideas through rapid prototyping.

Manufacture: Our PCB Manufacturing Fab Labs in India,China and Taiwan help build the Prototypes.

Capital Raise: We help startups raise capital through Angel and crowdfunds.

Sourcing: Revvx has offices in Shenzhen and Taipei to facilitate the Component Sourcing, Manufacture, Assembly, Testing, Packaging and Logistics.

Distribution: RevvX has partnered with Distribution channels both online and offline to promote the Sales of finished products to Consumers as well as Enterprises.

Marketing: Revvx shall help showcase Startups in various forms, demo Days, Events, Media from TV,Radio,Print to Digital.

RevvX Shall take minor equity in the company as part of the Accelerator Program. Equities vary based on the stage of the company.

What we Offer


Convert an engineering prototype to a manufacturable prototype.
Access vendors for rapid prototyping.
Learn component sourcing and management.
Due diligence from hardware experts.
Build factory relationships at early stage.
Access to industry experts and mentors.
Participate in partner events and product showcases.


DFM Review.
BOM Analysis and Optimization.
Identify factory partner.
Engage with leading design firms.
Test and Certifiy your products.
Access to industry experts and mentors.
Access to discounted services from partners.
Participate in partner event and product showcases.


Refine your pitch.
Locate Distributors for your product.
Due diligence meetings and Investor demos.
PR and Media Connect.
Access to Industry experts and mentors
Participate in partner events and product showcases..

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This Solution is most applicable for the following stages and categories:

  • Brainstorming an idea
  • Proof of concept
  • Working prototype
  • All project categories

Brought to you by Avinash

Founder & CEO at RevvX Hardware Accelerator
Avinash Kaushik is the Founder & CEO of Revvx Hardware/IOT Accelerator ( www.revvx.com) where he has built strong network of Manufacturing factories in India,China ,Taiwan, Distributors and Retail ...
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