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Rapid Tooling + Production, Composite & Export Tooling

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This Solution offers a mechanical engineering service.
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Injection molding & composite tooling solutions with an emphasis on Rapid Tooling (PROTOTOOL) to match your product launch / speed to market needs.

About this Solution:


HLH are a design-to-manufacture (products & parts) bespoke complete solution provider. We focus on rapid prototype, rapid tooling and rapid production (low to mid volume) solutions for our clients (large & small) from around the world. Our range of complimentary manufacturing services paired with our experience, technological diversity, capacity, quality and on-time delivery reputation are some of the reasons why our clients keep coming back to us. At HLH we focus on 4 tooling areas, Rapid, Production, Export & Composite. www.HLHPrototypes.com

Rapid Tooling (ProtoTool): Low volume injection molding tooling solution.

  1. Rapid turnaround, low cost, pre-series and prototype tooling.
  2. ProtoTool solutions bridge the gap between prototype and production parts.
  3. Real parts from real production materials from real tools, really fast.
  • Low to mid volume production runs in rapid lead times.
  • Production parts in days.
  • Fulfill interim part needs while your full production tool is being built.
  • Quick, inexpensive way to get parts in front of clients and management.
  • Good option for specialty low volume, but high value parts or products.
  • Test multiple resins to determine best resin choice.

Production Tooling: High volume injection molding tooling solution.

  • Injection mold tools from 7 to 1500 tons built to run in our facility.
  • Built to International standards.
  • High volume tools, built to last.

Export Tooling: Low & High volume injection molding tooling solutions.

  • We manufacture tools for export built to globally recognized international standards and quality.
  • Before we ship we check and can trial your tool here in our China facility.
  • We guarantee tools to run in your facility and have trouble shooting partners around the world to back up that guarantee.

Composite Tooling: Specialty tooling for composite material production runs.

  • HLH provides a range of design, manufacturing and tooling service to assist your composite part needs.
  • From robotics to super cars we work with some of the most exciting companies around the world.
  • Tooling options include steel and aluminium.

Email HLH here to start your free project review today. www.HLHPrototypes.com

HLH Complete Services

Engineering - CNC Machining CNC Turning - 3D Printing (SLA, SLS, DMLS, SLM) - Vacuum Casting - Sheet Metal Work - Rapid Tooling - Injection Molding - Composites - RIM - Die Casting


Why Choose HLH?

Highly Experienced Engineers - Long History - Technological Diversity - Western & Chinese Managed - Secure Facilities & Processes - Massive Capacity - ISO Certified Quality - Competitive Pricing - Honesty & Integrity - IP Protection - HLH are FAST!

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Our Facilities

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Certifications Acquired:

  • ISO 9001

Potential Applications:

While our high volume injection molding tooling solutions are a need for many of our clients with established product lines, rapid tooling (ProtoTool) is becoming an increasingly important option in product development. The pressure to launch fast from retailers, investors and the market in general has brought our ProtoTool (rapid tooling) solution to the forefront.

  • Our larger clients use our ProtoTool service to quickly validate and/or flesh out flaws in their part/product designs before committing to more expensive full production tooling. Many have added ProtoTool as a standard step in their product development process and have accepted the additional cost as they have found that over the long run our ProtoTool service identifies potential design problems early on, which ultimately ends up saving them money.
  • Our entrepreneurial clients use our ProtoTool service to quickly realize their designs which can help them i) redesign if needed ii) sell product earlier to create revenue dollars needed to complete the overall project iii) create production quality samples for fundraising needs and sales meeting needs.

Check out a couple of ProtoTool (Rapid Tooling) case studies below to get a feel for how our ProtoTool service may be a good solution for your project. Or follow this link to our online company brochure. Email us here to start your free project review. www.HLHPrototypes.com



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