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From our complete range of reliable services and from the experiences we've built over the last 32 years, we will reduce your QUALITY RISK and COST.

About this Solution:

Here is more information about the benefits you will get from choosing our company and services.

Pro QC, was founded in 1984 and has become one of the key leaders in the Quality Control Industry. You will benefit from our complete range of reliable services and from the experience we’ve built over the last 32 years over various product categories, including consumer and industrial products:

- Product inspections, during the production or at the end of the production, to check that the quality of the products meet your specifications and international standards.

- Container loading supervisions, to verify that the correct products and quantities are being loaded and that the correct loading methods are used to avoid any damage during handling and transportation.

- Factory audits, to evaluate the factories capabilities and select the best suppliers.

- Product Testing to check the reliability of your products over time and verify their compliance to the applicable international standards.


With those we will reduce your QUALITY RISKS and COST.

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This Solution is most applicable for the following stages and categories:

  • supplier audit and inspections
  • consumer, industrial products

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Account Manager, Asia at Pro QC International
Since 1984 Pro QC International has been providing Quality Control and Engineering services, now in 38 countries, to small, medium, large and also very large "brand name" companies who are ...
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