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QIoT Containers - Your private IoT cloud platform

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QNAP redefines NAS for IoT, providing comprehensive "QIoT Containers" to help quickly structure your IoT environment and deployment.

About this Solution:

“QIoT Containers” Your private IoT cloud platform

Design your own IoT stack with "QIoT Containers". Creating your own private IoT cloud platform is as easy as selecting a container for each stage of your IoT backend and installing it in Container Station.

QNAP Container Station exclusively integrates LXC and Docker® lightweight virtualization technologies. It provides an ideal platform with countless hands-on containerized apps for developers to easily apply, rapidly develop, and conveniently deploy IoT applications. Simply search "IoT" in Container Station, acquire proper containers, and create diverse IoT applications with QIoT Containers.


“QIoT Containers” starter kits for developers

From as little as US$35, developers can use development boards (such as Raspberry Pi) and sensors (smoke, temperature, humidity, etc) to build a simple Home Environment Monitoring project. QIoT Containers provide a variety of protocols and dashboard applications that enable developers to easily utilize the sensors on development boards, and set up apps such as MQTT, Node-RED and Freeboard on a QNAP NAS. Data received from the sensors will be sent to the QNAP NAS, while users can remotely monitor their home environment with the dashboard.


Industrial Internet of Things

Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) opens up greater opportunities for company growth and industrial development. QNAP IoT Containers are a cost-effective way to integrate next-generation IoT protocols with legacy industrial protocols (such as Modbus, Koyo, Omron, Melsec, Siemens, etc). You can configure an IP connection over the Internet for Edge Gateway, Modbus and PLC, eliminating the need for costly field gateways.


for more information please visit our website: QIoT Containers

Certifications Acquired:

Potential Applications:

Smart parking with QIoT

IoT can be used in parking assistance to improve management efficiency and public safety. While parking space managers can greatly boost their productivity from managing the parking space utilization, users can reduce frustration when searching for available parking spaces, especially in crowded urban areas.


Smart home with QIoT

Smart assisted-living homes address household conveniences in many aspects, such as intelligent entrance controls, light switches, indoor temperature and humidity adjustments, security & alarms, and more. IoT in smart home connect a network of appliances, sensors and entertainment devices, effectively integrating environmental awareness and security.


Healthcare/personal fitness with QIoT

Implementing IoT in healthcare is expected to improve access and quality while reducing the cost of care. The wide scope of practice ranges from clinical care to remote patient monitoring. Through IoT-driven healthcare applications, health data can be collected, recorded and analyzed before generating recommendations.


for more information and latest activity, please visit our blog: QNAP QIoT

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