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Prototype PCBA Turnkey Solution

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This Solution offers an electronic engineering service.
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NexPCB Prototype Printed Circuit Board Assembly (PCBA) Turnkey Solution is a package to help you through design verification stage.

About this Solution:

You just need to send the required files, listed below and let us handle all the complex production management and supply chain optimize work.

Package Offer:

The prototype package offer more simple design production with lower cost production and includes all the following products and values:

  • 10 pcs PCB boards (Startup Cost included)
  • Components sourcing for these boards (components cost included)
  • Stencil (14.6" X 18.5" / 370 X 470 mm) for in-house assembly
  • Appearance test and function test
  • ESD bag package with foam box package
  • UPS or DHL shipping to your address
  • Total Lead Time is 15 working days.

File Request:

  • Gerber file
  • BOM list(Template)
  • Pick and Place file (XYRS)
  • Instruction documents including special requirements and attention point (components locations, DIP specification, special requirements, etc).


Prototype PCB Turnkey

  • Layers: Up to 4 layers
  • Board Dimensions: 2" X 2" ~ 6.4" X 4" / 50 X 50 mm ~ 160 X 100 mm or same area
  • Finished Thickness: 40~80 mil / 1~2 mm
  • Material: FR-4, Tg130
  • Copper Weight: 1.0 OZ
  • Min Trace/Space: 6 mil / 0.15 mm
  • Min.Holes Size: 12 mil / 0.3 mm
  • Stencil: 14.6" X 18.5" / 370 X 470 mm

Prototype PCBA Turnkey

  • Components: Up to 50 components per board
  • Components Package: Smallest size 0603
  • BGA: Not available
  • Type of Assembly: One-sided SMT and/or THT assembly
  • Test: Appearance Test; Function Test
  • Package: ESD Bag and Box with Foam

Order Flow:

  • Checkout--Checkout and make payment for selected product
  • Upload File--Please compress the files into one zip-file and upload it
  • Tech Confirm--Check every details for the files and communication
  • Produce--Finish production in 15 working days.
  • Shipping--Please feel free to tell us do you like the experience or not

Information and links:

  1. Prototype PCBA Turnkey Solution($1199)

A Brief introduction of NexPCB:

NexPCB is a premier Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) provider of affordable, premium-quality Printed Circuit Board since 2005. Our fabrication, assembly, and supply chain management capabilities make us a one-stop-shop for all hardware needs. At NexPCB, we have catered to small to mid-sized companies, especially hardware startups, that wish to lower their overall costs but maintain supreme quality. Not only manufacturing boards, we also help our customer with EMS supply chain management and optimization for further cost-down. Please check out our website for more information at

We are working closely with NXP, EmbeddedArtists, and the hardware startups in Boston and NYC area, including Kickstarter startups from Industry Lab [] and Greentown Labs [] in Boston, and multiple RG/A Techstar teams in NYC [].

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NexPCB is a premier Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) provider of affordable, premium-quality Printed Circuit Board since 2005. Our fabrication, assembly, and supply chain management ...
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