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Pogo Pin Drives Superior Performance In IoT Devices

by from Shenzhen Top-Link Electronics Co.,Ltd

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Top-Link's pogo pin solution disrupts traditional connectors paving the way for superior performance and durability for IoT devices.

About this Solution:

As IoT devices continue to become smaller, the need for small connectors that can be placed on ever-shrinking circuit boards increase. Small devices require small components, which is either incredibly costly to accommodate for with traditional connectors, or simply impossible. A new connector alternative needs to be reliable, cost-effective, and able to sustain rough usage.

Enter Top-Link’s spring loaded pogo pin, the ideal connector solution for the demanding application requirements in the proliferating IoT industry.

Why Choose Top-Link’s Pogo Pin

Top-Link’s spring loaded pogo pin solution is a highly reliable connector made by precision instruments and designed for superior performance and usability. The solution is particularly useful in two application fields; design & manufacturing and consumer products.

How The Pogo Pin Boosts Design & Manufacturing

Designed specifically for IoT devices to fit compact form factor


Top-Link’s spring loaded pogo pin is highly compliant, which means it’s designed to compress during insertion. Thus, boards can be stacked on top of each other whilst maintaining good connection by taking advantage of the spring movement to accommodate for tolerance stack-ups, misaligned boards, errors in parallelism and flatness, and pivoting or rotating components.

The spring loaded pogo pin is especially useful as compression-style board-to-board connectors used in today’s IoT devices.

Simulation Analysis Tools


Top-Link offers design simulation tools when integrating the pogo pin into your IoT device. By using the simulation tool, you can optimize the product design during the development process and gain a more in-depth understanding of the durability of the components.

With thermal, acoustic, and electromagnetic simulation tools, you can ensure the functionality and quality of your product before it enters production; reducing time and costs.

Cost-effective testing to guarantee quality and reduce cost


Top-Link’s spring loaded pogo pin is especially useful in testing, such as electronics reliability testing, due to the ease of which an interposer set of pogo pins can be inserted and replaced. This is not possible with traditional connectors.

The pogo pin’s simple design - a plunger, tube, and spring - means cost-effective test sockets and flexible design options to accommodate for small pitch sizes all the way down to 0.95mm.

How The Pogo Pin Boosts Consumer Products

Rapid and fact charging with high efficiency


With Top-Link’s spring loaded pogo pin, your IoT device can reach heavy-loaded 5 AC current. The solution has a rated voltage of less than 36 volts, and functions at temperatures from -40°C to 85°C. In addition, the unique design of Top-Link’s spring loaded pogo pin leads to a very low contact resistance of 30M Ohm Max.

The superior durability combined with a life of more than 1 million cycles makes the spring loaded pogo pin perfect for batteries. Charging a smartphone from 0% to 75% takes only 30 minutes, which is 4x faster than conventional chargers.

User-friendly cables for fashion design


Top-Link’s spring loaded pogo pin solution can be used to design more user-friendly cables. This is due to the highly versatile nature of the solution. The only connection requirement is for the plunger to make contact with a conductive surface. This eliminates the need for receptacles, which in turn reduces costs and saves space.

In addition, this ability allows for blind mating, which is an issue with traditional connectors when inserted in a receptacle, such as a charging cable in a wearable device, with restricted visibility. Traditionally, blind mating can result in damaged connectors and cables, but the spring loaded pogo pin removes this concern altogether.

Waterproof for different user scenario


The high durability and design of Top-Link’s spring loaded pogo means that any IoT device can easily be IPX7 certified. At full immersion, your device will be fully functional for 30 min at a depth of 1 meter. This is particularly useful for wearables used in water or those that are exposed to sweat, e.g. fitness bands.

High quality materials to sustain high durability


Top-Link provides design flexibility of its solution and uses only high quality materials. The pogo pin itself is encased in gold, which grants optimal performance. All materials used meet the RoHS standard, and is halogen and allergy free.

An electronic microscope is used to inspect the plating of every pogo pin to ensure the best quality. Top-Link designs its solution with the consumer in mind, making sure through rigorous testing that the pogo pin works efficiently in any harsh environment.

In addition, Top-Link has partnered with Xtalic to deliver plating of the highest quality. This highly durable plating technology provides excellent protection, with no corrosion or surface damage when immersed in water, acid or alkali.

Get your customized pogo pin solution!

Top-Link’s spring loaded pogo pin is a unique connector solution set to make traditional connectors obsolete.

Say goodbye to the old conventional connectors.

Say goodbye to traditional USB charging cables.

The spring loaded pogo pin drastically improves performance and durability of your IoT device whilst significantly reducing costs during the development process. The solution is ideal for Creators building IoT devices in any industry field.

Select your pogo pin here or send Top-Link a message for customized design.

Top-Link's Spring Loaded Pogo Pin Details



About Top-Link

Shenzhen Top-Link Electronics Co., Ltd., founded in 2005, specializes in the development and production of high quality connectors. Top-Link is a leader in the pogo pin industry with a range of world-class multinational corporation on its client list, including Leica, Microsoft, Fitbit, Foxconn, and Lenovo.

Certifications Acquired:

RoHS, ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004, CB, VDE Mark-VDE, CE Mark-CVC, CQC, Test Report CCIC

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Certifications Acquired:

Potential Applications:

Potential Applications:

●Fitness trackers


●Medical devices

●Headsets & earphones



●Aerospace devices


Customer Portfolio

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