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Pico Projector Module

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This Solution offers an ODM/OEM/EMS service.
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Small/micro-sized projectors to expand its range of applications products in the mobile device peripherals space.

About this Solution:

Due to the yearly growth and expansion of the mobile device market (such as mobile phones and tablet computers), in 2010 Sunrex invested its resources in establishing a micro-projector R&D team to engage in the development of small/micro-sized projectors to expand its range of applications products in the mobile device peripherals space. In addition to the DLP (Digital Light Processing) and LCoS (Liquid-Crystal-on-Silicon) technologies widely used in the small-sized projectors that Sunrex currently has, Sunrex is also developing laser micro-projector technologies.

In contrast to DLP and LCoS technologies, which use LED’s as their light source, laser-based micro-projectors can provide a higher degree of freedom for the customer in terms of product design and will be able to solve the problem of power consumption. Projection equipment based on DLP and LCoS technologies require optical focusing lens set to project images, thereby resulting in significant disadvantages including high component costs, large component sizes, narrow color spectrum, and poor optical efficiency. In addition, under long operation times, LED-based technologies have the issues of high power consumption and heat dissipation to consider, often leading to sacrifices and trade offs during the design phase in terms of removing various aspects of the original product specifications to ensure practical usability of the product.

On the contrary, products built using laser-based technologies do not have the drawbacks stated above, providing products with low power consumption, less light loss, small size, and the ability to project even finer images, achieving the goal of size reduction but also maintaining the usefulness of the device. Due to the advantageous physical properties of laser light, laser-based projectors do not need to perform focusing. Images formed using lasers can be projected at any distance, thereby avoiding the need for focusing.

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  • Smart home
  • Smart device accessories

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