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Personal BLE Alarm

by from uConnect

This Solution offers a component design service.
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A portable alarm with built in BLE, pepper spray, and smartphone-connected panic button to send SMS, GPS, Audio and FB alerts.

About this Solution:

The engineering, and prototyping of this solution has been completed, and it’s ready to be built into a product meeting your design and specification needs.

The technology used within this product can also be shaped to meet products of other similar requirements. In it’s current form the solution includes both an app and hardware device:

1. APP: The APP will support Android and iOS mainly.

  • Position
  • Real time Audio
  • Send SMS to the specific contact person
  • Emergency phone call
  • Call the police
  • Facebook posting
  • Alarm siren

2. Hardware:

  • Pepper sprayer and Bluetooth BLE integrated
  • Re-chargeable battery
  • Button for Panic: pepper sprayer and BLE triggered
  • Button for Take Picture
  • LED indicator: battery power status (red), Bluetooth link status (blue)
  • All in one plastic housing

The engineering prototype is designed ready and will make it be the end product. We will need more resources to make the plastic housing, manufacturing and marketing. Thank for your attention and hope we have more cooperation relationship.

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