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Pen-based Input Devices

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Sunrex has been developed of pen-based input devices, with products including digital drawing pads, Tablet PC modules, and Tablet LCD Monitors.

About this Solution:

Sunrex’s products mainly sell to the United States, Europe, Japan, and Mainland China. Sunrex is currently one of the main global digital tablet manufacturers.

In the past 10 years, digital pens have gradually become popular. In terms of information technology, digital pens provide the most natural and direct interaction for writing and drawing applications.

Windows XP , Vista , and Windows 7 are digital tablet platforms, providing tablet support and driving capabilities. Sunrex’s digital pens and digital tablet modules also support the fine sensing pressures for the latest versions of Adobe Photoshop and Corel Painter.

Our goal is to develop and promote pen-based input as another alternative to computer mouse and keyboard input, and, expand the adaptation of digital modules in the IT industry to a wide range of users in various fields.

Hot Key Series

  • Simple and stylish tablet design.
  • Freely use for explore the imagination, sketch the concept and paint the detailed artworks.
  • Programmable hot keys for your most frequently used shortcuts.
  • Good selection for trendy users.142830846539284804.jpg

Wireless Series

  • Enjoy the freedom of tablet with wireless technology.
  • Make your presentation / teaching more convenient.
  • Navigate the workspace, personalize the documents and mark the comments easily.
  • Most recommend for education field.



Classic Series

  • Elegant and neat tablet design.
  • Friendly interface which is easy to navigate workplace.
  • Easily access the favorite program , software and shortcuts by customized function keys.
  • Completed product range for entry to advanced users.



Fun Pad Series

  • Light and easy-to-carry.
  • Able to customize the unique design.
  • Make handwriting / drawings efficiently in email , MSN , documents or other application program.
  • Best choice for kids , e-learning , bundled and gift market.



Tablet Monitor Series

  • Annotate, write and draw more easily and efficiently.
  • Work naturally and intuitively using the pen technology directly on the screen.
  • The adjustable stand allows users to write and view in their most comfortable position.



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ABOUT Sunrex Technology:Sunrex Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 1975 and officially listed in the Taiwan Stock Exchange in 1999. It is currently the world’s largest laptop computer keyboard ...
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