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This Solution offers a component design service.
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MEMSIC enables intelligent powerful sensing solutions by combining all the essential elements for your application needs.

About this Solution:

As a world leader in sensing motion and orientation using unique forms of MEMS technology. Our products are used in a wide range of applications. MEMSIC offers leading edge sensor and system solutions for a wide variety of end market applications. Our vertically integrated product line enables us to make intelligent tradeoffs among a number of variables from sensor structure to system design to algorithms.



MEMSIC’s unique thermal technology uses heated gas molecules to detect acceleration and is the fundamental principle behind our accelerometer IC products. This technology offers several advantages over the solid proof-mass structure, including:

  • No measurable resonance (immunity to vibration)
  • Virtually indestructable (50,000g shock tolerance)
  • No stiction
  • No detectable hysteresis
  • Excellent zero-g offset stablity
  • Sensor & electronics integrated onto monolithic IC

Accelerometer Components

Unique thermal MEMS accelerometer components deliver outstanding 0g offset stability, vibration Immunity, and 50,000g shock tolerance.


Accelerometer Modules

Rugged accelerometer modules with a selection of configurations and performance levels provide turnkey solutions for a wide variety of demanding applications.


Tilt Sensors-

Cost-effective, MEMS-based single-axis and dual-axis tilt sensor modules with internal signal conditioning, environmental packaging, and analog or digital output options.

Tilt Sensor Modules

Rugged 1-axis and 2-axis tilt sensor modules with built-in signal conditioning support a wide range of applications and performance levels.


Magnetic Sensors-

MEMSIC offers magnetic sensor components for high performance OEM applications, as well as rugged magnetic modules for applications where a turnkey solution is required. MEMSIC magnetometers are used in millions of cell phones and tablets, due to their exceptional noise, wide dynamic range, and low power consumption.

MEMSIC’s family of magnetometer components are available in both dual-axis and three-axis versions. They are based on anisotropic magnetoresistive (AMR) Permalloy technology sensors, which have superior accuracy and response time characteristics, while consuming significantly less power than alternative technologies. The MEMSIC magnetometers are ideal for electronic compass, GPS navigation and magnetic field detection applications.

Magnetic Sensor Components

MEMSIC's magnetic sensor components utilize AMR technology to deliver low noise and high performance in ultra-small IC packages.


Magnetic Sensor Modules

Three-axis digital magnetometer and heading sensor modules offering accurate turnkey solutions for demanding environments.


Certifications Acquired:

Potential Applications:

  • Angle / Inclination Sensing
  • Display Orientation
  • Electronic Compassing
  • Platform Stabilization
  • High-vibration Environments
  • Vibration Monitoring

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MEMSIC is a world leader in sensing motion and orientation using unique forms of MEMS technology. Our products are used in a wide range of applications. MEMSIC offers leading edge sensor and system ...
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