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OEM/ODM Portable Wireless charger with 8600 mAh battery

by from YMP Industry limited

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We only manufacture wireless charger. And this products-(YMP-Y2)is a new design products. It can surpport both wireless and USB Port charging

About this Solution:

Portable wireless charger with 8600 mAh (YMP-Y2)

Features & Specifications:


Product package list:

Mobile wireless charger---1Pcs

USB charging cable-----1 Pcs

Dust-free cloth---1Pcs

Product manual---1Pcs.

Certifications Acquired:

Potential Applications:

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  • Design for manufacturability
  • OEM
  • Tech Accessories

Brought to you by John

Sales Manager at YMP Industry limited
YMP Industry limited,was founded in 2012,with the theme of “the founder of wireless life,committed to the development and sale of wireless charging products,the production site and sales office ...
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