Michael Yu

OEM Metal Parts Manufacturing

by from Eurocharm Group

This Solution offers an ODM/OEM/EMS service.
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We manufacture, so you can focus on the design. With over 40-year experience, we provide metalworking solutions to industry's auto and motor giants.

About this Solution:

Metal working Capabilities:

  • Research & Development: Eurocharm Group R&D center now has Auto CAD, Cimatron ,Solid Works and other design software, while 3D laser cutting machine, cutting machine, CNC lathe, horizontal planer, milling machine and a series of mold processing equipment, independent R&D and processing and assembling complete stamping dies, precision stamping dies, single die stamping, deep drawing hydraulic mold, PVC plastic injection molding, welding tools, gages, fixtures and other different types of processing different sizes mode of governance seizure.
    • Mold Processing
    • Tooling
    • Wire Cutting & Electrical Discharge Machining
    • R&D Department

  • Quality Assurance
    • Contour Measuring Tester
    • Dynamic Fatigue Testing Chamber
    • Layout Machine Horizontal
    • Optical Coordinate Measuring Machine
    • Optical Emission Spectrometer
    • Portable Coordinate Measuring Machine Portable
    • Quality Assurance Department Precision Measuring Chamber
    • Rockwell Hardness Tester
    • Surface Roughness Measuring Tester
    • Universal Tensile Testers
    • Vickers Hardness Tester

  • Stamping: We are equipped with multiple mechanical punch presses, deep pumping hydraulic presses, precision presses, three-way hydraulic forming presses and various other stamping machines. Ranging from 20 to 1200 tons, we offer stamped parts such as scooter body panels, fuel tanks, clutches, automobile chassis parts, seat parts and various other parts covering automobiles, scooters, motorcycles, ATV, snowmobiles, tractors and medical equipment.
    • Hydraulic Stamping
    • Steel Coil Rack
    • 3 Way Hydraulic Press
    • CNC Pipe Bending Process
    • Deep-Drawing Stamping Production
    • Mechanical Stamping
    • Progressive Stamping
  • Laser Cutting: Our laser cutting machine possesses the capability of machining large-diameter wall-thick pipes or materials. Processing pipe diameter up to 200mm and structural steel wall 8mm thick, the fully automated machine configures to create exceptional product quality with the highest efficiency.
    • 3D Laser Cutting System
    • Laser Tube Cutting
  • CNC Machining: We are equipped with a total number of 51 CNC lathes and mills for precise and accurate turning, milling, drilling of both steel and aluminum parts.
    • CNC Machining Centre
    • Swiss Type CNC Auto Lathe
  • Welding: To fulfill the demand of welding automobile and motorcycle frames, chassis, structural parts and medical bed components, we are equipped with machines such as robot welding mechanical arms, robot aluminum welding machines, manual welding machines, automated furnace brazing equipment and etc.
    • Automobile Chassis Frame Assy Robotic Welding
    • Motorbike Frame Assy Welding
    • Spot Welding
    • Aluminum Robotic Welding
  • Heat Treatment: The process of heat treatment increase the hardness and wear-resistance of the metal parts substantially due to the vacuum state inside an ion nitriding treatment furnace. At the factory, we are equipped with a set of ion nitriding heat treatment and continuous hardening welding furnace.
    • Glorious Furnace Brazing
    • Progressive Brazing Welding
    • Ion Nitriding Heat Treatment Furnace
  • Die Casting: We possess 14 sets of die-casting machines, including 13 sets of aluminum alloy die-casting machines and a set of zinc alloy die-casting machine. Between 125 to 800 tons, the machines produce die-casting parts from scooter rear axle, hub, swing arm, footrest and various other zinc-aluminum alloy parts for ATV, snowmobiles, heavy-duty motorcycles.
    • Aluminum Die Casting
    • Zinc Alloy / Aluminum Alloy Die Casting
  • Polishing
    • Abrasive Blasting
    • Vibratory Finishing
  • Plating: Our electroplating capacity includes galvanized, nickel-chrome, hard chrome plating, zinc plating and various other plating methods to meet the needs of each product.
    • Zinc Plating
    • Nickel-Chrome Plating
  • Coating & Painting: For the purpose of coating and painting, the factory is equipped with several production lines including two liquid coating lines, one powder coating line, one ED coating line and a set of salt spray testing equipment. We coat components from automobiles, motorcycles, ATV, snowmobiles and medical equipment.
    • Liquid Coating
    • Powder Painting
    • E-Coating
  • Assembling: Eurocharm Group’s subsidiaries in Taiwan and Vietnam both are equipped with complete assembly lines for the purpose of assembling medical beds, shower chairs, patient lifters, and various other medical and automotive parts.
    • Medical Bed Assembly

Certifications Acquired:

  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 14001
  • ISO 16949
  • ISO 13485
  • OHSAS 18001

Potential Applications:

OEM Products:

  • Automotive Parts
    • Chassis Frame Assy
    • Side Step
    • Hunger Seat Assy
    • BktSub Assy Fuel Tank
    • BktSub Assy Engine Under
    • Frame Fr Seat Cushion Side
    • Frame Sub Assy Fr Seat Cushion
    • Panel Rr Seat Back
    • RftSub Assy Frame Fr Bumper
  • Motorcycle Parts
    • Aluminum
      • Rail Rr Grab
      • Carrier Luggage
      • Swing Arm Rr
      • Clutch Centre Sub
      • Clutch Plate
      • Arm Pillion Step
      • Step Assy Pillion
      • Crank Case
      • Engine Block
    • Stamped
      • Bodywork
      • Abs Front Fine Wheel
      • Chassis
      • Wind Shield
      • Hand Grip Body
      • Fuel Tank Panel
      • Gear Fine Blanking
      • Retainer Kick Spring
      • Fin
      • Spring Seat
      • Outer Assy
      • Seat Catch Comp
      • Hinge Fuel Lid
      • Arm Rr Brake
      • Cam Rr Brake
      • Joint
      • Rim
      • Rail Rr Grab
    • Weldments
      • Motorcycle Frame
      • Trailing Arm Weld
      • Rear Frame
      • Main Pipe Comp
      • Pipe L Floor Comp
      • Pipe R Lwr Sub Frame Comp
      • Handle Comp
      • Pedal Comp Brake
      • Pedal Gear Change
      • Carrier Front
      • Side Stand
      • Metal Comp Fuel Filler
      • Metal Comp Fuel Filler
      • Pipe Comp Air Feed
      • Steering Column
      • Pipe Assy Rr Grip
      • Link Assy Eng Hanger
      • Stay Fr Cover
      • Plate Comp Pivot Comp
      • Stand Comp Main
  • Recreational Vehicle Parts
    • Swing Arm
    • Lower Arm
    • Upper Arm
    • Weld-Fta
    • Foot Control
    • Seat Rail
    • Bumper
    • Hoop-Roll
  • Medical Equipment
    • Medical Bed
    • Patient Lifter
    • Shower Chair

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This Solution is most applicable for the following stages and categories:

  • Enhancing industrial design
  • Improving electronic board
  • Design for manufacturability
  • Industrial Applications
  • Sports Devices
  • Auto Applications
  • Health Devices
  • Other Technologies

Brought to you by Michael

Director at Eurocharm Group
We are a leading metalworking supplier with expertise in automotive components, motorcycle parts and medical equipment. With the primary factory in Vietnam, we are headquartered in Taiwan. Founded in ...
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