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ODM/EMS Service For A Wide Range Of Industries

by from Loong Yee Industry Co., Ltd.

This Solution offers an ODM/OEM/EMS service.
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Loong Yee offer the services from product development to mass production for over 20 years and been preferred by many customers all over the world.

About this Solution:

We offer a complete service from ID/mechanical design, tooling design and manufacture, project management, plastic injection, reprocess, and product assembly for a wide range of industries.

Product Design

Creative Products

Based on the market analyzes and demands, Loong Yee offers our clients the solutions of competitive and innovative product designs.

External Appearance Design

Using professional engineer 3D software to simulate the design of the product is aimed to present the external appearance before mass production.

Color and Material Suggestion

By simulating the design of the product, Loong Yee provides the suggestions of colors and materials based on the experiences.

Mechanical Design

With 3D simulation, the internal appearance and structure will be confirmed before production. A reasonable cost of the mold and production can also be provided by reviewing the simulation.


Production samples will be provided for final check of the external/internal appearance, color, material, quality, and assembly before mass production.


Circuit Design

Loong Yee has the capabilities to design and produce the firmware and software. We will turn your ideas into great products!


Loong Yee welcomes customers from different industries to work with for a better product and a better future.



Mold Flow Analyzes

During the product-developing process, the professional simulation is used to refine the mold in order to reduce the lead time, cost, and the most important of all, the risk of an unsuccessful development.

Analyzes of Mold Structure and Duration

According to the product design, Loong Yee provides the suggestion of the duration and productivity of the mold. The suggestions may assist the clients for lower costs and better quality of products.


Molding Injection

Loong Yee has been in plastic injection industry for over 2 decades and owns two manufactories in Taiwan and China. The manufactories are equipped with 50 to 320-ton automatic injection molding machines, electronic arms, and dual injection molding machines. Operators are requested to participate in regular trainings for quality control purpose.


Electronic Manufacture

As the EMS process, we offer the qualified cooperative vendor. Help to reduce the cost of transfer and quality control and create the best profit. Process included :

  • SMT: 4 lines with 2 Hitachi Σ5 high speed machines.
  • DIP: 2 lines with lead free wave soldering systems.
  • Capability: Max PCB load 400x800mm, smd R/C for 01005.
  • Certification: Function and circuit test, burn-in test.



Loong Yee provides the service of reprocess by outsourcing to the cooperative suppliers. The suppliers are certificated and qualified for all kinds of requests.

Process Included:

  • Painting: Gloss painting, Mat painting, and leather painting.
  • Printing: Screen printing and pad printing.
  • Transfer Printing: Heat-transfer printing and water-transfer printing.
  • Laser Engraving
  • Electroplating
  • EMI Conductive Painting
  • NCVM Painting
  • Managing Outsourced Material and Parts



Assembly Procedure

With an experienced assembly team, Loong Yee is able to advise the clients with information for a time and cost efficient production. The team includes the technical abilities of iron sheet installing, brass welding, ultrasonic welding, 3D dispensing, and more. Regular trainings are held for the operators for better production management.

Production Line:

  • Class 100,000 Clean Room
  • 12 and 14 Meters Assembly Lines

Ultrasonic Welding Process

Ultrasonic is the energy of power which is generated from ultrasonic generator the power supply converts the frequency of the input electrical energy 50Hz or 60 Hz to 20Khz. The ultrasonic energy from the generator to the surface of two pieces of thermoplastic by the resonant vibration of high frequency melt the joint point of the contact with the plastic and solidified within one second.

Heat Welding Process

Heat Welding is the process which uses heat and pressure to make the surface of thermoplastic soft, and then use designed fixture to stick to the plastic item tightly.

3D Dispensing Process

According to the texture of plastic and the appearance of the item, we could design the dispensing circuit to combine plastic items by desktop automatic dispensing system. We have different ways to operate, such as one point dispensing, straight repetitive gluing, square repetitive gluing and round repetitive gluing.

Heat Sealing Process

After 3D dispensing process, using heat seal machine to ensure the metal item to stick to the plastic matrix by controlling the air pressure and temperature.


Quality Control

Loong Yee offers the finest quality plastic injection molding services by utilizing the international standard systems, ISO9001 and ISO14001, to provide a consistently productive, high-quality, and cost-efficient products.

Test Instruments:

  • Temperature and Humidity Tester
  • MI Tester
  • Torque and Pull-Force Tester
  • X-Ray Fluorescent Analyzer
  • Spectrophotometer
  • 2D Measuring Machine
  • High Gages
  • Electronic Test and Measurement Equipments


If you are interesting in our service, please feel free to contact us via HWTrek Q&A, Thanks!!

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Brought to you by Gordon

Manager at Loong Yee Industry Co., Ltd.
Loong Yee work for mechanical parts over 30 years. Good experience on OEM business. Now we provide services from designing to manufacture, not only in mechanical parts also in EMS, testing, and ...
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