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NFC E- Advertisement Kiosk

by from APiK Inc.

This Solution offers a component design service.
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Touch screen, NFC linked advertisement kiosk solution, customizable to your specifications or design.

About this Solution:

This kiosk provides a touchscreen display which can be used for advertisement, promotion, retail purposes. It comes NFC connectivity, allowing users to wirelessly engage and exchange data between the kiosk and their NFC enabled smartphone.

The technology behind this product can be readily adapted to build a product meeting your own designs or specifications.


  1. ARM11
  2. Linux2.6.xx
  3. custom APIs for specific field with retailer, shop
  4. NFC module and its software stack
  5. Networking ( WiFi, Ethernet)
  6. Multimedia
  7. 10" touching Panel
  8. SD 8GB
  9. USB
  10. Flash 256MB
  11. SRAM 256MB

Key Function-

  1. Anybody with NFC phone could take the content, which is delivering or broadcasting on the Kiosk or other display monitor for retailers, organic shops, wine shop.
  2. Help shop owner to deliver digital content to your customer with NFC Technology.
  3. You could replace NFC module with 2D scanner as a price checker in shopping hall, e-ticket validator in theater, and smart check-in POS at Hotel....

What kind of service we can provide...

  • ODM Service

Demo Video-

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About APiK:APiK is focusing on Internet of Things total solution, including embedded end device, reader and back-end clouding.Services:
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