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This Solution offers an electronic engineering service.
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NexPCB Program Pathfinder provides 10% discount for its PCB layout design and the PCBA turnkey solutions to selected applicants.

About this Solution:


If you need PCB design and verification of your product, or you have limited knowledge of PCB and need one built from scratch with experienced guidance, then look no further.

NexPCB has launched Program Pathfinder, which offers a 10% discount code for their top-class PCB layout design and PCBA turnkey solutions to selected applicants.


A. PCB Layout Design


This service is only applicable to to those who meet the conditions.

B. PCBA Turnkey Solution


This service is only applicable to to those who meet the conditions.

Furthermore, the service includes PCB fabrication, components sourcing (included components cost), assembly, testing and free-shipping service.

It doesn't matter what the category of your IoT Project is or where you are geographically located, if you're at the Proof of Concept stage or beyond, then you should apply for Program Pathfinder now!

Check out the table below for an overview of what you'll get on this Program.



Founded in 2005, NexPCB provides hardware and services of electronic assembly, contract manufacturing, turnkey manufacturing services.

NexPCB's fabrication, assembly, and supply chain management capabilities make them a one-stop shop for all your Printed Circuit Board needs.

At NexPCB, Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) is their primary focus. They cater to small to mid-sized companies that wish to lower their overall manufacturing costs by using China-based suppliers.


NexPCB circuit board assembly services utilize their own PCB manufacturing facility, electronic components procurement team, and a PCB assembly house in China. All the facilities are ISO9001 certified.







  1. Click the Apply button on the top right side of this Program page, and select your Project.
    • If you’ve not created a Project yet, click Create new Project to start setting it up.
  2. Once you've written a compelling message, click Send to complete your application.
  3. We’ll let you know about the result, and send you the 10% discount code within 5 working days.

Important: This Program is active until June 30th, 2016. So be sure to apply as soon as possible!


  • The 10% Discount Code (Valid Period 60 days) can only be used in PCB Layout Design Service and PCBA Turnkey Solution.
  • Ordering, payment, customer service is conducted with NexPCB directly.
  • For the sourcing service, if any of the components are not obtainable, NexPCB will have a discussion with you for the selection a replacement.
  • Both services can only be offered while meeting the conditions (Service A conditions / Service B conditions). NexPCB has the right to decide whether to take an order based on its cost structure of fabrication.
  • Actual lead time will be based on the feedback to the documents and information required and the complexity of component selection.

Got any questions? Check out the Q&A section for frequently asked questions or post your own questions!







NexPCB serves clients all over the world.



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  • Working prototype
  • Improving electronic board
  • Design for manufacturability
  • All project categories

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DFM, EMS, Startup, Supply Chain Management at NexPCB
NexPCB is a premier Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) provider of affordable, premium-quality Printed Circuit Board since 2005. Our fabrication, assembly, and supply chain management ...
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