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NAND Flash Controller / Modules

by from Phison Electronics

This Solution is a hardware module.
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Phison Electronics, the NAND Flash Memory Expert, build a full product line of NAND Flash applications.

About this Solution:

Phison Electronics, a NAND Flash application company, is the only company you can find every solution here.

Product we provided:

  1. eMMC (Mobile Phone Flash Memory)
  2. SSD (Solid Sate Disk)
  3. Memory Cards (uSD, SD, CF... everything)
  4. USB Flash Drive

Our core competency:

  1. We are the full product line provider in NAND Flash application.
  2. We develop controller, firmware, module ourselves. We are not module house, module houses do not have core technology to customize firmware. They don't have the core technology.

If you have any question, please feel free to contact me via HWTrek, Thanks.

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Special Assitant, Chairman Office at Phison Electronics
Phison Electronics is focus on Flash Memory Controller business. We are also focus to invest new innovation HW/SW integration business.About Phison:Phison Electronics Corporation was established in ...
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