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N15 has the global accelerating program which is specialized for H/W startups. STRETCH OUT TO GLOBAL WITH N15

About this Solution:


N15 has the global accelerating program which is specialized for H/W startups. From the investment for early-stage startups to the mass production, we accelerate all the process of H/W start-ups. And we provide both domestic and global networks to support startups to be in the spotlight in the global market.


1. Review of Product Idea

Do you have brilliant ideas that can change and influence the world? Then come and check out N15 in the Yongsan Electronics Market right now. We can help you developing your ideas into the attractive products in the market.

2. Product Design & Technical Support

Supports from experts who are professional in design and specific technical fields are necessary to build your ideas into products. N15 is growing up along with great designers and engineers who are experienced in startups. This is your opportunity to develop design and technology of your product

3. Prototyping

It’s the stage to model a prototype that is attractive to the market. N15 provides all the infrastructures and solutions for H/W startups to make optimal prototypes. Make your own products with experts directly.

4. Mass Production

It’s necessary to go through the stage of mass production to make products. N15 has strong partnerships with numerous companies specialized in mass production. We will support you to launch your products into global market with optimal infrastructures in mass production and competitive price.

5. Package Consult and Production Management

Providing your products to final customers is as important stage as actually producing them. We, N15, provide Packaging Consulting for you that makes your products to be sensational in the market. Also, we have our own production management system that can lubricate the stages from production to customer.

6. E-Commerce and Sales

It is necessary to secure optimal sales channel Including both online and offline to meet as many customers as they can meet in the market. For this concern, N15 provides both partnerships with E-Commerce solution companies and major sales channel networks regarding to your product.

7. Inventory Control and Retail Networks

When there is a mass production, efficient inventory control and systematic retail networks are necessary. N15 works with whole process together with startups.



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  • Enhancing industrial design
  • Improving electronic board
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Global Bussiness Director at N15
N15 is Korea No.1 Hardware Accelerator located in Yongsan Electronics Market. From 2015, We have discovered and fostered more than 30 decent Korean H/W startups and supported them to stretch out to ...
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