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This Solution offers a component design service.
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Jorjin’s Miracast solution enables creators to builder smarter, next-generation connectivity into display related mobile devices, TV, or projectors.

About this Solution:

By incorporating this technology into your product, users will be able to conveniently share audio and video data between connected devices without the need for wires or a Wi-Fi connection.

This solution is suitable for professional and home environments, with potential applications including displaying images from a smartphone on a home TV, streaming TV content on a tablet, and delivering a laptop screen to a projector.

The technology underpinning this solution is the fast spreading Miracast standard, which is formed through the use of Wi-Fi Direct connections. Leading industry players are already building support for this standard into their products, such as Nvidia with their next-generation Tegra 3 platform. Android 4.2 and Windows 8.1 also support the Miracast standard as default, and a range of flagship devices are already using this standard.





Video/Audio format

Video formats support H264 (Baseline profile & High profile). Audio Codecs support AAC and AC-3. Video resolution rage is from 640x480 to 1920x1080.

What kind of service can Jorjin provide?

Jorjin has already finished developing and producing our Miracast solution.

If you have a good idea related to Miracast, no matter the module needs or functionality, Jorjin can help realize your idea and provide you with the highest quality of products.

Our product has a range of certifications displayed below, ensuring quality and ease of sale, and we can help to attain any further certifications you might need.




Let your ideas combine with Jorjin’s technical expertise and deliver a game-changing product.

We welcome you to contact us via HWTrek Q&A. Thank you!

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