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Microsoft BizSpark Plus Program

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Free cloud services mean cost savings that you can spend elsewhere, such as hiring developers, investing in marketing and acquiring new customers.

About this Solution:

What Is BizSpark? A Global Program for Early Stage Startups

BizSpark is designed to provide early stage Startups like yours with fast, easy access to current, full-featured Microsoft development tools and technologies to build your applications and licenses of server products to host them, professional technical and community support, and global visibility to an audience of potential investors, clients, and partners.


Joining BizSpark.

  1. BizSpark is a package of cloud services, software and tools tailor made for startups.
  2. Joining BizSpark is free for technology startups that are less than five-years old, have less than $1 million in annual revenue and are privately held.
  3. BizSpark members have three years of access to Microsoft’s Azure cloud services, up to $750 credits per month for new startups for all your developers. That’s up to $27,000 value over the life of a BizSpark membership.
    • Not on .NET? Not a problem. Azure works with the code and tools you know, including Linux, Java, PHP and a gallery of open source tools
    • Create a virtual machine, deploy a website or web app, store your data and video and deploy a mobile app all in your first month!


Ready to scale? BizSpark Plus is for you

  1. When your startup is ready to scale, you can tap into an additional $120,000 of Azure credits through the BizSpark Plus.
    • BizSpark Plus is a 12-month program for mature startups.
    • BizSpark Plus members have all the benefits of BizSpark plus up to $120,000 in Azure credits ($10k in monthly Azure credits for up to one year).
  2. With this much Azure cloud, you can take advantage of powerful platform services such as machine learning, media services and hub notification, lowering your operating costs and connecting with more customers.
  3. And when you’re ready to connect, you have access to Microsoft’s global customers who are using Windows, Office, Windows Mobile and other Microsoft services.



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Brought to you by Sunny

Audience Evangelsim Assistant Manager at Microsoft Taiwan
As a Audience Evangelism Assistant Manger in Microsoft, Sunny is responsible for BizSpark program which provides technical/marketing resources to start-ups. She had established severals initiatives ...
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