Eloise Chen

Micro-Deformable Piezoresistive Sensor

by from Uneo Incorporated

This Solution is a hardware module.
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Uneo sensor, Micro-Deformable Piezoresistive Sensor, is a technology developed for force sensing applications requiring a slim and light form factor.

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  • "Measure-at-will!":Slim and flexible profile, coupled with our ability to deliver custom-shape sensors, allow you to rapidly add force-measurement capability to any surface you want.
  • Wide measurement range:UneoTM sensors can accurately resolve force of a gentle finger touch as well as heavy-duty weight measurements.
  • Robust construction:our sensor has excellent lifetime and stability required for environmental requirements of various medical, automotive, and industrial applications.
  • Environmentally-friendly production:Printing-based fabrication consumes less material and produces no toxic byproduct.


  • Higher linearity and intra-sensor uniformity
  • Improved heat and humidity resistance
  • Enhanced inter-sensor variance from full QC inspection
  • Superior long-term measurement repeatability
  • Better price points


Standard Specification:

  • Readout Type : Piezoresistive and Piezocapacitive
  • Pressure Range : 0.01 ~ 300psi (customizable)
  • Linearity : R2 > 0.99 in operating range
  • Service Temperature : -40°C ~ 75°C or higher
  • Response Time : 100us
  • Thickness : 0.2~0.3 mm
  • Lifetime : > 10 million actuations


The UneoTM pressure sensor series is a Wall Street Journal Technology Award-winning, ultrathin, flexible force sensing sensor suitable for a wide range of human-machine interface measurements from a gentle finger touch(3g) to industrial process characterization exceeding 1 ton force.

The patented sensor technology employs the latest advances in piezoresistive polymer composite processing and printing-based micromachining technology to enable simple and high-quality linear output in the form of variable conductance (inverse of resistance) that is proportional to the input force.



Uneo pressure analysis system is suitable for testing the pressure distribution for all types of products. Using green electronic printing technology, it is able to accommodate all kinds of customized requirements (Shape, size, density, active area). Our electronic reader circuit is capable of measuring the static and dynamic states of pressure distribution, and can easily connect to computers through USB or Bluetooth



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ABOUT Uneo Inc.:Founded in 2010, Uneo Inc. was created to bring award-winning, hair-thin pressure-sensing electronic skin technology to the mass. The name "UneoTM" is derived from the Greek root ...
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