Jeffrey Cao

Medical and Industrial Product Manufacturer

by from JoyMed Technology

This Solution offers an ODM/OEM/EMS service.
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Provide product realization solutions from idealization, R&D,verification & validation, CFDA/CE qualification for medical products

About this Solution:

JoyMed has been working collaboratively with many international customers , providing professional medical product realization services from ideation , product development, verification & validation ,CE/CFDA registration to mass production for a number of innovative class 2/3 medical products and support customer to significantly reduce product development time , cost and risk .


  • Proven world class medical product development capabilities
  • Rich medical product experiences
  • High quality & cost effective SCM solutions
  • Familiar with international medical regulatory requirement
  • Protect customer’s IP


Values to Our Clients:

  • Shorten time to market
  • Reduce risk
  • Competitive cost


Product System Design:


  • Product requirement specification definition
  • Functional requirement specification definition
  • Regulatory impacts analysis
  • System interface definition
  • Technology options
  • Design for cost, design for manufacturability, design for services
  • System verification protocols


Product Experiences:

  • Patient monitoring devices
  • Remote monitoring devices
  • Endoscopy devices
  • EGG devices
  • Handheld ultrasound devices
  • Patchable/ wearable devices
  • Pico projectors
  • ETC

Electrical Design:


  • Electronical system design
  • Electronic components selection
  • Schematic design and layout
  • BOM creation and release
  • Circuit board building support
  • System integration
  • Bring up/ debug, functional testing and SPIT
  • Analog/ digital/ high speed digital
  • MCU, DSP, ARM and low power X86
  • USB 2.0/3.0, RS232, IEEE1394
  • LVDS, VGA, HDMI, DVI, Display port
  • PCI, PCI-XㄝBT/ , I2C, SPI, I2S, UART
  • SDRAM, DDR 1/2/3
  • Power management (DC/DC, battery management)
  • Wireless Communication (Wi-Fi, BT/BLE, Zigbee, Cellular, ISM, MICS)
  • Miniaturization design


Layout Design:

PCB Layout:

  • Single sided, low complexity, low cost design
  • Highly complex multi layer HDI design
  • RF & High speed design
  • Flexible PCB & Rigid-Flex
  • Miniaturization Design

DFX Analysis

  • DFF (Design for PCB fabrication )
  • DFM (Design for manufacturing)
  • DFT (Design for testability )
  • DFE( Design for environment)
  • DFS ( Design for Serviceability)


Mechanical Design:

Mechanical Design Capabilities:

  • Plastic
  • Sheet Metal
  • Casting
  • High Precision Mechatronics
  • 3D Modeling/ 2D
  • Thermal Analysis
  • Structural Analysis
  • Quick Prototyping

Support Tooling qualification:

  • Mold Flow analysis
  • Tooling Cost / Risk Analysis
  • Vendor Evaluation and Selection
  • Tooling qualification
  • Part qualification


Software Design:


  • Requirements Analysis
  • Concept Design
  • System Architecture Design
  • Detail Design and Development
  • BSP and Driver Development
  • Embedded Application Development
  • User Interface Design
  • Protocol Implementation
  • Software Verification Test
  • Diagnostics Software Design
  • Compliance with ISO 62304
  • Embedded Control Firmware
  • Hardware Testing Code
  • RTOS Integration (Embedded Linux, Embedded Windows)
  • Drivers & Applications
  • High Level Languages (C, C++, Visual C++, VB)
  • Apps SW development ( IOS & Android)

Product Verification:


  • Environment test
  • Reliability test
  • RF test
  • EMC test
  • Safety testing
  • Regulatory test


Contract Manufacture Services:

  • JoyMed technology has partnership with EMS companies to offer completed supply chain, DFx & manufacturing solutions as required.
  • Combined previous rich experience on EMS business management with comprehensive product design & engineering capabilities, JoyMed aim to provide customer a reliable and cost effective turn-key solutions to accelerate customer's ability to grow business.


Certifications Acquired:

  • ISO13485
  • ISO62304

Potential Applications:

  • Healthcare Segment

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This Solution is most applicable for the following stages and categories:

  • All development stages
  • Health Devices

Brought to you by Jeffrey

General Manager at JoyMed Technology
ABOUT JoyMed Technology:JoyMed Technology was founded in 2014 in Shanghai. We have been working collabratively with many international customers, providing professional medical product realization ...
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