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This Solution offers a testing or certification service.
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MangoFire offers you RF consulting for the design verification of wireless products ensuring awesome user experiences.

About this Solution:





Those cool experiences are only possible with wireless connectivity that works every time, but many developers are not wireless experts and they shouldn’t have to be. You need access to the tools and reference designs that make it easy to make sure your product will work in consumer’s hands, the same way it worked in the lab. Product success requires accurate evaluation of device performance early and often during development. Early information makes sure your design will meet your customer’s the real world.



You can check the wireless performance of your device by simply connecting it to an access point or smartphone, right? Wrong. If your device is unable to make a connection, you’ll have no idea why it failed. And if the device successfully makes a connection you get no information telling you how well the connection is established and how manufacturable your design is. Yet as the Internet of Things integrates the digital control of objects into our lives, products become mission critical and must work every time because the marketplace won’t tolerate failure.



You need tools and expertise to verify wireless performance. However, many product developers don't have access to wireless analytics tools nor to wireless application engineers to operate the tools and interpret the results. MangoFire solves this problem by providing access to tools and expertise. More than a typical lab, MangoFire provides actionable insights into root cause and problem resolution.

MangoFire will quantify the wireless performance of your device and provide insight into differences between device and reference design performance. Performed early in the development life cycle, verification enables you to refine your design before poor performance results in certification failures, costly manufacturing delays and unhappy Kickstarter campaign backers.


MangoFire is a wireless engineering services lab, powered by LitePoint test technology. This is an opportunity to work hand in hand with the leading wireless experts, on your device. In exchange for a no charge characterization of your device, MangoFire asks for an endorsement of the service (written and/or video) and follow on conversations to discuss desired next steps following the results of the characterization. Depending on desired next steps, if MangoFire performs follow-on work, it may be on a fee-for-service basis.

MangoFire will perform a system level RF calibration and verification test according to IEEE or relevant spec for the purpose of design verification (not certification or pre-certification) utilizing LitePoint test equipment. Bluetooth, Bluetooth LE, Wi-Fi and cellular radios can be evaluated on LitePoint IQxel or IQxstream hardware. Tests will be performed through a combination of MangoFire’s San Francisco and LitePoint’s Sunnyvale, California offices. Test results will be provided in a written report and though discussion with MangoFire application engineers.







LitePoint is the leading provider of test solutions for the world’s leading manufacturers of wireless modules and consumer electronics, including smart phones, tablets and PCs. We are a Silicon Valley company founded in 2000. Since then LitePoint products have been used to optimize and verify the operation of over 2 billion wireless devices. In 2011, LitePoint was acquired by Teradyne, the leading supplier of automated test equipment used to test semiconductors, wireless products, data storage and complex electronic systems.

At LitePoint, we are focused on delivering the most technologically advanced wireless testing solutions available. Innovation is in our DNA. From the start, LitePoint created breakthrough innovations in wireless test. We revolutionized wireless testing with the world’s first single-box solution for testing multiple standards. Since then, LitePoint was the first to introduce a solution for high-throughput multi-device cellular testing and in 2012 LitePoint released the first production test solution for 802.11ac, the high bandwidth wireless standard. Continuing the tradition, LitePoint released the first production system for testing NFC technologies. So when you are ready to implement wireless technologies, we are ready to help you. Our innovative analytical tools are specifically designed to keep pace with evolving wireless technologies, challenging device environments and pressing market demands.

Remark: This program is only available to US applicants.

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LitePoint is the leading provider of test solutions for the world’s leading manufacturers of wireless modules and consumer electronics, including smart phones, tablets, and PCs. We are a ...
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