LED Lighting

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This Solution offers an ODM/OEM/EMS service.
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Wieson established GELA in the LED business to serve Indoor, Outdoor, Industrial and Architectural lighting products.

About this Solution:

LED Lighting

In 2008 Wieson established Green Energy Lighting Application Bussiness Unit (GELA) in the LED business to serve Indoor, Outdoor, Industrial and Architectural lighting products. Wieson not only provides OEM/ODM1/ODM2 products' design and manufacture service, but also provides LED lighting total solution to satisfy various customers’ demands.

GELA is fully focused on energy, and environmental friendly products, which comply leading brands and multi-countries' laws and regulations. GELA has many years of successful experience in developing many iconic projects with world's major LED lighting brands.


Certifications Acquired:

Potential Applications:

Indoor Lighting:

Area: Indoor

Purpose: schools, hospital, office, meeting rooms and living room etc.

4Inch-LED-Downlight.jpg_220x220.jpg 5Inch-LED-Downlight.jpg_220x220.jpg 6Inch-LED-Downlight.jpg_220x220.jpg 4Inch LED Downlight 5Inch LED Downlight 6Inch LED Downlight 8Inch-LED-Downlight.jpg_220x220.jpg 6Inch-Liking-LED-Downlight.jpg_220x220.j 8Inch-Liking-LED-Downlight.jpg_220x220.j 8Inch LED Downlight 6Inch Liking LED Downlight 8Inch Liking LED Downlight PA-Dimmable-LED-Panel-Light-595x595-.jpg PA-Dimmable-LED-Panel-Light-600x120-.jpg PA-Dimmable-LED-Panel-Light-1200x120-.jp PA Dimmable LED Panel Light (595x595) PA Dimmable LED Panel Light (600x120) PA Dimmable LED Panel Light(1200x120)

Outdoor Lighting:

Area: Outdoor

Purpose: Alley lighting, park lighting, street lighting and solar applications.

Breeze-24W-Street-Light.jpg_220x220.jpg ARTEMIS-30W-Roadway-Light.jpg_220x220.jp ARTEMIS-80W-Roadway-Light.jpg_220x220.jp Breeze 24W Street Light ARTEMIS 30W Roadway Light ARTEMIS 80W Roadway Light ARTEMIS-120W-Roadway-Light.jpg_220x220.j ARTEMIS-160W-Roadway-Light.jpg_220x220.j ARTEMIS 120W Roadway Light ARTEMIS 160W Roadway Light

Industrial Lighting:

Area: Indoor

Purpose: Tunnel lighting and area lighting for low courtyard lighting, gas station, warehouse, parking lots, transportation terminals, industrial areas, commercial areas, residential areas.

AGLAIA-12AC-180W-High-Bay-Light.jpg_220x AGLAIA-12AC-240W-High-Bay-Light.jpg_220x AGLAIA-12AC-300W-High-Bay-Light.jpg_220x AGLAIA-12AC 180W High Bay Light AGLAIA-12AC 240W High Bay Light AGLAIA-12AC 300W High Bay Light

Architectural Lighting:

Area: Outdoor

Purpose: Accent lighting, site lighting, architecture lighting.

HP-Spot-Light-RGB-.jpg_220x220.jpg HP-Flood-Light-RGB-.jpg_220x220.jpg HB-Mini-cluster-RGB-.jpg_220x220.jpg HP Spot Light (RGB) HP Flood Light (RGB) HB Mini-cluster (RGB) HP-Linear-Light-White-.jpg_220x220.jpg HP Linear Light (White)

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